According to everyone, the hippest neighborhood in Washington D.C. is Adams Morgan. There were literally people, as soon as I told them I was going to D.C., said, “You have to visit Adams Morgan!” Of course, hearing all of this, I decided to make this one of the top places to make sure I visit. I went there earlier in the day and then my sister met up with me later after she got off work. It was really impressed to walk around and see all the architecture. I always think it’s neat to see the different architectural styles in each city. There are, historical reasons, of course, but still it’s nice to see. I was also really impressed with all the art on the side of buildings here. What a hipster part of town though. Seriously!

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A capital photo adventure:


{dc} the extra mile

July 12, 2018

Walking around Washington D.C., I started noticing some plaques in the ground. At first I didn’t know what The Extra Mile meant, but have since realized what a great idea it is to have these round medallion-like plaques put right into the sidewalk. It’s always nice to have a chance to celebrate people in our nation’s history who have “gone the extra mile” to help others. I took pictures of a couple of the individuals who I had heard about long the Points of Light Volunteer Pathway. There were definitely so many more though. Too bad there’s never enough time to look at all of them!

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A capital photo adventure:

Yesterday, I was headed home from my cat-sitting location and quite literally ran into the SF Jazz Festival. I had heard that it was happening, but totally forgot about it so was quite surprised to find that my transfer bus was not running! Since my second bus ride isn’t too long and the weather was quite lovely, I was able to make the walk no problem instead of trying to look for the detour stop. Since I was in the area anyway, I decided to give the Jazz Festival a listen. As it turns out, there were actually a number of stages going on at the same time and even though you could hear many of them at once no matter where you were standing, none of it created a headache situation. All the sounds worked well together. I was also quite delighted to find that the famous Jamaican food truck Scotch Bonnet was at the festival so I couldn’t resist getting myself an Ox-Tail Plate. Yum!

Food stands

Arts and crafts stands

The music

Scotch Bonnet

Ox-Tail Plate – pricy, but delicious and filling

It’s pretty amazing to live in a city where the city government is able to come out and fully support Pride. This past week, if you walk through downtown, there’s no missing the rainbow-lit city hall and equally bright opera house. Rainbows are so beautiful!

A prideful nighttime photo adventure:

This weekend was Pride. Pride is a huge deal in San Francisco. Yesterday was the big Pride parade that went all the way down Market street. I wasn’t originally planning on going, but ended up walking through and hanging out for a little bit. It’s always fun to see an entire community pulling together in support of some another. It’s neat to see so many companies and groups come out and support love for all. Even my school district, SFUSD was a part of the parade!

A prideful daytime photo adventure: