Earlier this week, my class went on an epic field trip to Downtown San Francisco’s Civic Center. We were invited to (actually got tickets that we requested) for the San Francisco Symphony’s Deck the Halls Community Day concert. The kids were so excited to ride the MUNI bus to and from what they had labeled to be a “big music class”. Once we got there, they were excited to see the dressed up gingerbread man, Frosty the snowman, and even Santa Claus. During the concert, we quickly found out that the San Francisco Ballet Institute had dancers perform acts from the Nutcracker and there were even singers, too. It was quite the show!

After the concert, we did a quick tour of the San Francisco Public Library (main branch, which is always huge and impressive). Then we checked out some street art before eating a picnic lunch and then ending our day with a self-guided tour of City Hall. Of course, before getting back on the MUNI bus, we took one last picture with Santa. What fun!


After spending some time on Maui island, my mom and I took a short flight over to Oahu and spent the remainder of our Hawaii trip in the capital, Honolulu. While in Honolulu, we made sure to see all the touristy downtown sites like the old palace, the state capital building, and all the famous statues of former Hawaiian royalty. Then we made sure to take a quick soak at the most famous (and crowded) Waikiki Beach.

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A Oahu-style photo adventure:

When in San Luis Obispo, eat Old San Luis-style BBQ – makes sense, right?

Well, when my parents and I were visiting San Luis Obispo we thought this made a lot of sense so we decided to give this well-known SLO eatery a try. It actually took us a few minutes to find this place because we saw the sign and then didn’t realize that the order window was actually on the outside of the building. There are a few seats inside but most people, I guess, sit outside to enjoy the nice weather and delicious BBQ. I think what makes Old San Luis BBQ Co. stand out is its BBQ sauce. Personally, I thought it was quite tasty though I’m sure someone who is more BBQ-literate might not agree with me. I guess you’ll have to try this place out for yourself next time you happen to be in SLO!


Order window

Tri-tip Salad

Pit Plate: Tri-tip

Tri-tip sandwich

San Luis Obispo has a Museum of Art in its main square that’s in fact listed as one of the must-see places in SLO. For some reason I got the opening and closing hours of this place mixed up and we walked in about 20 minutes before closing. This meant there really wasn’t really that much time at all to see all the art in this place. This wasn’t too difficult since the place is relatively hard but I was a bit sad that I didn’t have time to see some of the tree truck paintings in detail. Those were definitely my favorite!

An artistic whirlwind photo adventure:






{slo} bubblegum alley

August 20, 2016

It’s entirely possible that the most visited place in San Luis Obispo is its Bubblegum Alley. I don’t know where the concept of Bubblegum Alley started (perhaps Seattle?) but thee’s a pretty impressive one in SLO as well. My parents and I visited this place first when we arrived in SLO and had no problem locating this dried-out chewy mini-street. It turned out to be a bit more impressive than I had imagined in my head … also a bit more gross … I mean, all these pieces of gum were at one point inside the mouths of strangers!

Bubblegum Alley

Up close

That’s kind of gross!