Since we were already on the western edge of Belize, we decided to take a short trip into Guatemala, especially since my friend had never been to Tikal before. I had a few years ago, because it wasn’t going to hurt me to visit again. On the way to Tikal, we stayed in Flores, Petén for a night or two, not very long at all. Flores is actually a small (almost) island in the middle of a lake. It’s the strangest town because there are cobblestone streets, it’s quite touristy, and yet very much not so in certain parts. From the pictures, it looks like we spent the most of our time eating in Flores. That’s probably true … eating and enjoying the beautiful lake!

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A Flores, Guatemala photo adventure:


{belize} san pedro eats

October 9, 2017

No matter where I go visit, one of my favorite things to do is try all the local cuisine. Of course, there were lots of exciting things to try and eat while I was on Ambergris Caye’s San Pedro for just a couple of days. We arrived late in the evening one night and hadn’t eaten a full meal for many, many hours so the only place we were able to grab one interesting grilled cheeses was at a pretty touristy spot next to our hostel. Despite clearly being tourist-oriented, the grilled cheeses were tasty. The rest of the time, we were able to try some more local eats like conch sausage pizza, fried chicken with rice & beans and beans & rice, fried shrimp, morning johnny cake sandwiches, and even delicious local Belize coffee! Yum!

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A San Pedro, Belize photo adventure:

I loved our short stay in Bermudian Landing right at the beginning of our trip to Belize. It was nice to just relax in the jungle on hammocks while sipping Belize’s most famous beer: Belikin. Belikin comes in the world’s weirdest amount and despite looking and feeling like the bottle is of a typical size, you soon realize that the glass is just really thick and heavy. It’s quite the trip, really. Anyway, Bermudian Landing is still a bit underdeveloped when it comes to tourism and since we were in Belize during the rainy season and without our own transportation, we didn’t have a lot of options when it came to eating. This meant we ended up eating at the Nature Resort (not sure if this place can actually qualify as a resort) where we stayed, which ended up being a bit expensive since they know we don’t have options, but still quite delicious.

The evening we got there, we had either chicken or a dried, preserved fish along with the typical Belizean rice and beans, fried plantains, and slaw. We had a cashew tart with warm fresh cashews for dessert. Belize is known for their cashews. Breakfast was a combination of homemade fry jacks, eggs, and beans. The last two pictures (below) are a few things we ended up eating after getting back to Belize City before taking off on our next adventure to Caye Caulker! We had Nery’s mutton curry and crab stew! Yum! What a great start for my stomach’s Belizean eating adventure!

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A Bermudian Landing, Belize photo adventure:

{belize} belize city firsts

September 23, 2017

Welcome to Belize!

This past summer, my big trip was to Belize (and Guatemala for a few days). It’s really a major benefit of being a teacher … and let’s be honest, without summer vacation, I would not be a teacher. I was excited to go to Belize because I had heard interesting things about it and it has such a neat mix of people, cultures, and languages in one very small space. I surprised me when I found out that English is the national language in Belize. The Belize dollar is also completely pegged to the US dollar, which made currency exchange very easy.

We flew into the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, which is actually a bit away from Belize City, and with no public transportation going to the airport, taxi was the only option. Belize City itself is also just not that interesting. In the past, it’s been a pretty dangerous place for visitors and so even though the government has worked hard to clean up in the city, it’s still hard for people to get over the mindset that Belize City is not a great place to visit. Nevertheless, we stayed for a night, saw some boats, ate some meat pies, sampled some local cuisine, and were about ready to move on to bigger and better Belizean places!

A Belize City, Belize photo adventure:

{sf} nopa bday celebrations

September 2, 2017

For my birthday, my friend invited me to a delicious meal at a place that I live quite close to, but haven’t had a chance to visit in the over two years that I’ve now lived in San Francisco: Nopa. This place always has tons of people waiting outside and in order for us to get a table at the time we wanted, we went in as they opened and put our name down. I was so excited to try the delicious cocktails and their interesting food combinations. Of course, this place was not to disappoint. For starters, we tried the wood baked gigante bean salad, the warm goat cheese, and the little friend fish. Then we shared one main: the black cod. For dessert, since it was my birthday, they brought out a complimentary scoop of the most delicious frozen dessert with a single candle. What a treat! And while this place truly is a San Francisco eating experience, I don’t actually think that the prices are that ridiculous compared to what you get use to living in the City. Well, I’ll be darned then!

A birthday-worthy photo adventure: