You have a bucket already, why get another container for soda? That restaurant management may not agree.

On the other hand, maybe he just want his fried chicken marinated with soft drink. That appears to be a clear drink. From KFC’s website, their clear drink is Sierra Mist. Just call it misty fried chicken. He is just making a customer suggestion, to the management!

Wait! That’s not actually a KFC, but some burger place??

That looks like a Burger King or maybe McDonald’s poster. However, both of those serve Coca Cola, not Pepsi. Supposedly, these restaurants serve Pepsi. None has a burger poster like that.

Maybe it’s the old defunct Gino’s – a fast food joint that combines KFC with a burger place.

In any case, this is a guy filling up his KFC bucket with soda, at another burger joint? That restaurant management may not quite see it as genius.

Although from the fuzzy letters on wall sign, this may not be in U.S. Maybe there, it’s customary to use KFC bucket for soda. Maybe there, it already offers “Misty Fried Chicken.” Maybe there, they don’t wear any fast food chain uniform, he is just a restaurant worker flushing out the soda machine. Nice try, but busted!

Who knew that picture offers so much information and intrigue?


After 2.5 years in San Francisco, I finally made it down to San Jose for an evening. This was mainly to go see some public art in front of City Hall, but it just so happens that we found the most delicious place to eat at, too! While the name Good Karma is a bit silly (or at least I think so) the fact that they serve extremely good-tasting craft beers and yummy vegetarian/vegan food options made it great. While there, I finally got a chance to try Founder’s Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS). CBS is aged in barrels that were used to age whiskey that had previous to that been used to age maple syrup! Yum!

Some of the foods were tried including the mushroom bao (bun) and jackfruit tacos were amazing. The fake chicken drumsticks, which actually looked pretty good, just had that super soy taste, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Nonetheless, I would totally come back here again!



Mushroom Bao (Bun)

Jackfruit tacos

Fake chicken drumsticks

Growing up, I don’t remember what the Public Market in Boston looked like, but it recently for an upgrade and is now so nice and fancy! There are rows and rows of locally-owned small businesses mainly selling food, but also local handmade products like hand-dyed yarn and candles. My favorites were the cider donuts and honeybee wax products. The market building itself is super nice and has signs up so you know exactly which aisle to go down to find the stall you’re looking for. Since I was there in the beginning of winter, there were also giant (and I mean giant) pumpkins left from the end of fall. These things weighed hundreds of pounds and won contests! Whoa!

By the way, the best part about this place (for me) is that it was right next to the new RMV location, too … so I could hop by after renewing my drivers license!

A market-y photo adventure:

{oakland} an urban legend

November 28, 2017

Since we happened to be in the area tasting wine, we decided to make an afternoon of our Oakland wine tasting adventure and asked some of the nice people at Dashe Cellars where else they suggest we visit. They said Urban Legend recently moved to a new location and is very tasty. We followed their advice and walked a few blocks over to Urban Legend. Here, the bartender was extremely generous and let us try a bunch of different wines. Since we did two tasting (one for me and one for my friend), she let us try wines off their regular wine tasting menu so we essentially had twice the flavors! Out of all of them, I had a clear favorite here: the Sonici – which was super stinky, but extra delicious. It was so great that we even bought a bottle!

A legendary photo adventure:


Recently, I got a chance to visit some wineries with tasting rooms in Oakland, just across the Bay from San Francisco. My friend actually had a free tasting for Dashe Cellars, and has had this free tasting card for years, but never used it. We were actually a bit worried that they weren’t going to accept the free tasting card. Thankfully after a few confused looks and surprise that someone would have kept this thing for so long, they accepted it and we were able to enjoy quite a few delicious Dashe Cellars wines for free! I would say that the wine they produce is average, but the setting for all of it is quite unique, which makes this family business a neat place to visit!

A dash of a photo adventure: