{sf} operation coin-op

May 15, 2017

Did you know that on the last Sunday of the month you can throw away the fact that you’re an adult and go play all the old school arcade games you want for free?!? Yup, well at Coin-Op Game Room San Francisco, this is quite the reality. Now, let’s be honest, I didn’t step foot into a single arcade until like the two times this happened in college, but I hear that arcades were huge back when kids walked around with quarters in their pockets, inserted them into machines, and then engaged in some game for a few minutes until they lost and had to try again. Games like Street Fighter and Pac-Man were big during these times and going to Coin-Op it was pretty amazing to see all these adults (you have to 21+ since it’s essentially a bar with local and California beers on tap) get really into racing each other, throwing basketballs to try and beat the record, and shoot at the bad guys. And for sure it’s better when it’s free, right?

An operational photo adventure:

{nyc} the press lounge

February 8, 2017


Not much happening in New Haven lately, so thought I would talk about a place I went to in NYC. NYC is full of popular (and expensive) rooftop bars with awesome views! I found myself at one of these swanky rooftop bars with a view of the city and Hudson river (into Jersey). The views were spectacular! I was there right when the sun was setting too so the views were that much more awesome. The lounge space is very cute, with both inside and outside spaces to relax. The drinks were very expensive of course as expected for the city, about $15 dollars a drink. The view is totally worth it though! I would definitely come again despite the overpriced liquor.

View of the city

View across the Hudson River

Over $30 worth of drinks!!

The only thing that truly sucks about going to Tijuana (from San Diego) is coming back. The lines at immigration are just so you’re wasting tons of gas, too. The only bright side during all this waiting is that there is an abundance of local Mexican vendors that take advantage (and should) of the motorists waiting to enter the U.S. While I personally enjoy the food vendors most because it actually makes sense to buy some snacks and drinks to help you pass the time, I also appreciate the men walking around with fleece blankets, puppies, giant wall paintings, and even chairs. I mean, I didn’t see any of these items get sold, but it’s still pretty amusing to watch. My parents and I decided against the puppies and chairs and decided to try some of the street corn and cucumber/chia seed agua fresca instead.



Cucumber and chia seed agua fresca

{temecula} tasting lorimar

January 24, 2017

While not that famous, there are actually two interesting activities to do in Temecula, California. The first is go hot air ballooning. The second is to go wine tasting. My family bought a Groupon to go wine tasting at Lorimar Vineyards and Winery. Our wine tasting allowed for six different tastes, which were poured of differing generosity depending on which bartender happened to walk by when our glasses were empty. They also had so many different wines to choose from it was quite difficult to narrow it down to six. I’m disappointed that their most well-known White Merlot was out though because that would have been an interesting one to try. Oh well, at least a few of their sweeter whites and blushes were quite tasty!

A tasty photo adventure:




temecula-lorimar4 temecula-lorimar5

Ustryki Dolne, Poland is very close to the Ukrainian border. At first I was told that those with U.S. passports can’t enter Ukraine without a visa. It turns out that changed a few years ago and I could cross the border into Ukraine for a short visit with no problem. Of course, this meant figuring out a way to cross the border. Luckily, I cousin of a friend works for borer control so not only did we get to cross into Ukraine for an interesting little visit, we also didn’t have to wait in as many long lines. I feel like many Poles cross the border into Ukraine for the shopping and to buy cheaper knock offs. It’s like people from the U.S. who go to China or Mexico for the knock offs!

If we had planned with little Ukraine adventure in advance we probably could have make it to the more interesting city of Kiev, but alas, I still got to say I’ve spent time in the Ukraine!

A Ukrainian photo adventure: