{maui} tropical eats

August 7, 2017

Even though it’s Honolulu that’s known for its delicious food (good thing that’s where we’re headed next), my mom and I started getting our grub on while on Maui. Some of the best foods we tried were fresh poke from the supermarket, coconut pineapple bread, kalua pork, five-fruit smoothies, taro salads, and coconut water from a coconut cut right in front of us. Yum! What a great start to our tropical food adventure!

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A Maui-style photo adventure:

I learned about Smuggler’s Cove from a previous roommate whose choice spirit was rum. I just recently got a chance to try this place out and even though I had heard that the drinks were quite delicious, I didn’t know the extent of their deliciously vast menu until now! Wow – the menu is so large it would take forever to try all these tropical cocktails! Since I went with a friend and we each ordered two drinks, we were able to try a total of four … which barely made a dent on the list. I think my absolute favorite was the painkiller thanks to its coconut foam. Yum! The best part is going from 5-6 pm any day because it’s Happy Hour ($2 off all drinks)!

Looking down at the bar from the floor above

Pirates ceiling decor

Puffer fish!

Round 1

Round 2 – Rum Barrel (left) and Painkiller (right)

My sister was in town recently and we met up for some margaritas at Virgil’s Sea Room. Located on the edge of the Mission an Bernal Heights, this local bar is popular though very low-key compared to its neighbors, which often have people streaming in and out. The very best thing about Virgil’s is that one Tuesdays, they offer $2 margaritas! We didn’t happen to be there on a Tuesday so we weren’t so lucky, but during regular happy hour all margaritas and mules are only $5 anyway.



Sometimes when I’m in a neighborhood headed to some evening event, I know that I’m going to get very tired so I try and find some delicous coffee in the area. While in the Potrero Hill neighborhood recently, I stopped by Farley’s for a cappuccino. Farley’s isn’t a chain and there’s only two locations, one in San Francisco and the other in Oakland. Started before the Loma Prieta Earthquake, this coffee shop has been around for a while and pride themselves in their community. What’s great is that they also roast their own coffee!

While in Sacramento, I happened upon an incredibly random coffee place called Rosested. The entrance was in a random alleyway and it was also in the back of a thrift store/second hand store, which is neat, but, again, very random. This coffee place is very close to Bacon + Butter so while I was waiting to be seated for breakfast here, the woman who runs this coffee place came by with free samples of their coffee. She also mentioned so look for the new rose mural. Well, it was enough of a draw that I decided to try the place out, and I’m glad I did. Walking in I noticed that a very local musician was playing live music in the corner and the woman who walked around with the coffee samples was clearly mentoring a younger woman on the art of being a barista. It was actually a really neat place to visit, besides, what a clever name they have!


Second hand thrift store decoration