I don’t know if Flagstaff is very popular in Flagstaff since this city is for sure not filled with as many Latinos as Phoenix, but there were still quite a few options. We visited Salsa Brava one night and fully enjoyed their salsa bar. I especially love how so many places have so many salsa options now. It makes eating their free chips really exciting and really lets you give your food as much spice and extra flavor that you’d like! I wouldn’t say that the salsas or the Mexican food here are the best, but it was pretty good considering we were in Flagstaff thus pretty far away from the border. The only thing I found kind of annoying is that we had to wait quite a while and eventually got sat and even though there were empty tables, had to sit in their extra room area. The service and cleanliness of this extra room wasn’t the best!

A salsa-filled photo adventure:









A while back, I went on a trip up north. In Phoenix when you say up north, everyone knows you went back to Flagstaff on somewhere near there. Well, they were right because that’s where exactly I went, up to Flagstaff. On the first night we were there, we looked up on Yelp a good place to eat near where we were staying. Yelp recommended Satchmo’s, which supposedly serves up some of the best BBQ in Flagstaff. Well, since I’ve only eaten at one BBQ place in Flagstaff, I can’t vouch for them, but I can say that the food I ate that night was pretty awesome!

A major downside though is that the place is super tiny and with so many people wanting to get their ear into hearing the live band, you either have to stand and wait forever or sit out on the patio. I am certain the patio is nice during nice weather, but on the night we were there, it was still too cold for outdoor eating in Flagstaff!


Full Rack Ribs

Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich

Sliced Chicken Breast BBQ Sandwich

Corn Bread


Langston Hughes-inspired bathroom sign


The other day I went to a taco place in Chula Vista which is close to the border of Mexico! Thus,  these tacos tasted so authentic! I am not a huge meat fan but I would even say that the pork tacos were quite amazing. They serve the tacos with an tasty sauce and slice of pineapple on top! At first, I thought the pineapple was strange but it really complemented the tacos well. The tacos were pretty cheap too! $2 a taco. They also offer free grilled vegetables and onions, I’ll take it!

A taco-ing photo adventure:





{phx} cheba hut subs

May 11, 2015

The other day we randomly passed by a Cheba Hut and decided to stop in since it was time for lunch anyway. I had never heard about Cheba Hut’s toasted subs before, but I figured it was a hipper version of Quiznos. I was right! Cheba Hut’s sub sizes are a little different from the typical though. A 4-inch sub is called a Nug, an 8-inch sub is called a Pinner, and a 12-inch sub is called a blunt. In case you haven’t noticed all the marijuana references, yes, the place was filled with tons of them. Even the murals on the walls showed animals smoking pot … more strange than anything if you ask me. In any case, I thought my Humboldt Pinner was absolutely delicious. I just loved the way the herbs really pulled the sandwich all together. Yum! If there were more of these locations close to me, I would most definitely visit more often!


Hippie-style advertisements

Interior decor

Dank (pizza) Pinner

Humboldt Pinner

Dank (pizza) Pinner with no veggies

Kali Mist Pinner

It’s pretty much a given that random tiny little Mexican joint have the most authentic Mexican food when it comes to Phoenix. Well, in that case, Vaqueros Carne Asada might be in line to be famous because this place is such a strange tiny little drive through building with a walk-up window and a few generic outside seating tables and benches. I’ve passed by this place so many times before and finally decided to go for it the other day. Since it was morning, I decided on the Chorizo, Huevos, y Papas (Sausage, Egg, and Potato) Burrito. All I have to say is that it was AMAZING! Honestly, it was a little oily, but it just tasted so good! I just love how the papas (potatoes) were french fries …


Never-ending menu

The burrito

All the Chorizo, Huevos, and Papas I could eat!


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