Our first meal in Denver was around brunch. My sister and I both love eating brunch so of course we wanted to find a delicious brunch place to start off our day of exploring Downtown Denver. We ended up at Sassafras American Eatery, which turned out to be a great choice. The Southern-inspired cooking offered a wide variety of breakfast options for us to choose from. We ended up ordering two things: a Chocolate Dipped Bacon Milkshake and the Special for the Day. First of all, the milkshake was so yummy, so chocolatey, and yet with a hint of bacon all at the same time. The Special was a Southwestern-style benedict with chicken and a fried green tomato on top. The sauce was a little bit spicy, which blended all the flavors together nicely. What a great start to our Denver adventure!


Wall decor

Table decor with jams

Special of the Day

Chocolate Dipped Bacon Milkshake

Bathroom decor



Although I have been up to Seattle several times for work, it wasn’t until this past trip that I had the opportunity to actually do some touristy things, aside from simply visiting Pike Place Market, and explore the city a bit more. One of these things was the tour at Theo Chocolate, a fair-trade, organic, chocolate maker with it’s factory right in the middle of the city’s Fremont neighborhood, just north of downtown Seattle. The tour costs $10 and runs several times a day, but it was definitely worth it. Take a look!


The first half of the tour took place classroom style, where we sat and learned all about the bean to bar process that Theo uses to make it’s chocolate. When the company opened in 2005, it was the first fair-trade, organic certified chocolate maker in all of North America! Here is one side of the cool classroom, where the walls were painted with the bean-to-bar story.


This lesson also included, much to my delight, several different types of chocolate samples, shown above.


Then we got to take a guided tour around the actual chocolate factory. Shown here is the hundreds of pounds of organic sugar that goes into the chocolate!


Theo chocolate is most known for their chocolate bars, but they also have a confectioner’s kitchen, shown here, where they make chocolate confections by hand. They cannot be shipped and sold like their chocolate bars because no preservatives and additives are added, so they are only sold on site at their factory.

After the tour, we were taken to the retail store, and I was so busy buying chocolate, that I forgot to take a photo of an actual Theo chocolate bar, but believe me, it was DELICIOUS!  This tour, and Theo chocolate, is definitely worth your while if you find yourself in Seattle!



Do you love noodles? I love noodles! This means when I get to eat at a restaurant that specializes in more than one type of noodle, I am in noodle heaven. I mean, I guess all the noodles themselves had the same build, but the sauces were all quite different. With so many different sauces and flavors to choose some though, my family decided to just order a bunch of noodle dishes as well as little side dishes and we would all share. Yum!

I totally forget the name of this noodle place. All I know is that it’s quite close to Taipei 101 and that I should probably ask my uncle the name of this delicious noodle heaven. Ug … I’m just so hungry now. Even thinking about all the side dishes were had makes me hungry too: chicken broth, fried chicken, cold & spicy tofu, bacon asparagus, wrapped pork, and country chicken. I’m just licking my lips now.

A noodle photo adventure:













Happy Pi Day!

The previous comment is completely unrelated to this post, unless you want to say that a number that’s completely unrepeatable is like a bowl of perfect beef noodle soup that’s completely unrepeatable. Actually, that’s a really great connection. In fact, it leads really well into the idea that beef noodle soup might be one of the most perfect foods in the entire world, when made right. Lots of people in Taiwan and lots of restaurants in Taiwan claim to make great beef noodle soup, but only the really good ones are worth eating. Otherwise, it’s no better than a bowl of beef-flavored ramen noodles. Of course, the perfect side dish when eating the perfect bowl of half meat, half tendon spicy beef noodle soup is pig intestines Yummy!

The bigger question though is what is the perfect dessert after eating the perfect bowl of half meat, half tendon spicy beef noodle soup. Well, I vote for a giant bowl of mango shaved ice. I mean, that’s pretty much the best dessert all the time (especially when it’s warm out and even when it’s a cold day), but it’s even better to help you cool down after a steaming bowl of noodle soup, don’t you think?

Half meat, half tendon spicy beef noodle soup
Pig intestines … yum!

Mango shaved ice

[room 329] vegging out

March 12, 2015


Recently, I won a $5,000 Diamondbacks grant for my class. The grant I wrote talked about healthy eating and cooking and how in a classroom we can teach the students how to be healthy and make healthy choices for themselves and their families. The first step was collaborating with the speech pathologists who work in my classroom all the time. Then we wanted to teach the students about vegetables since they either don’t have access to many of them, have never tried them, or think that they don’t like them. Our first set of vegetable lessons were a success! Even though not everyone liked all the vegetables, they were required to take at least one bite to be polite. It was awesome to watch their little faces experience and learn about vegetables for the first time!

A vegging photo adventure:








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