My family recently went on a mini family vacation. Granted it was only a one-night event, but still we got some good eats in during our time together. One of these good eats providers was Elmer’s Restaurant in Palm Springs. Elmer’s actually a smaller chain that originated from the Pacific Northwest, so they focus a lot of their menu items on ingredients from that area like Dungeness Crab. Most importantly though, is that despite being set up kind of like an iHop or Denny’s, Elmer’s has amazing Dutch Babies. What are Dutch Babies? Dutch Babies (or German Pancakes) are giant sweet popovers. The traditional “flavor” comes with powdered sugar, butter, and lemon wedges. My sisters and I also tried the Apple and Cherry Strudel German Pancake, which was absolutely amazing. Yum!!!

Dungeness Crab Benedict

Crabacado Omelet

Country Cousins Skillet

Classic German Pancake

Apple and Cheery Strudel German Pancake


Last month, I was fortunate enough to visit Chicago to attend a radiology conference (RSNA). I took this opportunity to see this city since I have never been before! I did all the touristy things like visit the Bean and each Chicago deep dish! I really enjoyed the skyline both in the morning and at night. I quickly fell in love with the city as it seemed like a much cleaner version of NYC. I was lucky enough to be there when the weather was rather mild, I have a feeling I would not be as big of a fan if I was there in the frigid cold. Anyways, I hope to attend the conference again next year and explore more of this city!

The Bean – even more awesome than I thought it would be

Of course, Chicago deep dish! (this was from Lou Malnati)

Daytime skyline

Nighttime skyline

RNSA – thanks for giving me the opportunity to visit Chicago!!

Krakow is a major hub in the south of Poland so it makes sense that there’s a lot to do and see in the area. I mean, the place is so big that its airport even has international flights, though I guess in Europe that’s more common because places are just that much closer together. I was excited to get my eat one while in Krakow due to being in a larger city with more innovation and boy was it all so yummy. I mean, who doesn’t like potatoe pancakes, crepe-like things, fried cheese in berry sauce, meat wrapped in leaves, and warm soup? Just take a look!

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A royal eats photo adventure:














{wroclaw} in a day eats

December 31, 2016

I wasn’t in Wroclaw that long – got in from Poznan in the morning and left late afternoon to go to Krakow. Of course this meant not that much time to eat Wroclaw-style food. In the end I don’t know how much of what I ate here was that traditional in terms of actually Polish, but eggs for breakfast seemed popular, and Polish beer and sausage are both well-known, so I must have not done that bad!

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A one day photo adventure:







Hi everyone,

Due to some organizational changes at my work, I had to take a trip down to our Worldwide Headquarters in Arlington, VA last week. Fortunately, I took advantage and found an amazing ice cream shop close-by to try. The place is called NiceCream Factory, and the ice cream sure is nice!


The cute menu board and decor


This ice cream place uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the raw ingredients inside large mixers on the spot! Since my coworker and I ordered the 6-scoop sampler, all six mixers were going at once. Look at the liquid nitrogen smoking!


This was our 6-scoop sampler, from left to right then top down: vanilla bean, candy cane crunch, eggnog, cookie butter, cran-orange clove and dark chocolate sea salt! Because of the unique way it is made, it was  seriously the smoothest, creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had!

If you’re ever in the DC-metro area, NiceCream is definitely worth checking out!