{taipei} eating breakfast

February 23, 2015


Breakfast is definitely my absolute favorite meals. This is true no matter what country I’m in, which means in Taiwan, I thoroughly enjoy breakfast. I mean perhaps walking down the street at night eating street food is better, but still, breakfast is pretty awesome.

Another thing about breakfast in Taiwan is that it’s just so convenient. During the time I was visiting my grandmother, we ate so many different varieties of breakfast both bought and made at home or a combination of both. Here’s just a taste of the variety!

Salted egg, sao bing (sesame flat bread), and ham

Dou jiang (salty soy milk soup with fried dough), turnip cakes, and sticky rice roll

Dou jiang (salty soy milk soup with fried dough) and sao bing with fried egg

Sao bing (sesame flat bread) with you tiao (fried dough stick)

Sweet soup

Sao bing (sesame flat bread) with green onion scrambled egg and marinated turnip




flying food

February 16, 2015

I travel a fair amount. Nowadays though nobody gives you food anymore unless you fly Southwest and even then all you get is peanuts or pretzels. I guess that’s technically pretty good considering everyone else gives you nothing.

One of the favorite parts about flying international though is the fact that you still get real meals. I actually really like the meals they offer between Los Angeles and Taipei. Every time I fly, they offer two meals. The first meal is served soon after getting on the plane. This meal is usually a “dinner” and there are usually two options: Asian-style or American-style. I always order the Asian rice option because it doesn’t include dry chicken. The second meal is always a “breakfast”. The options are the same: Asian-style or American-style. I always order the Asian-style rice porridge because it’s way better. Take a look at my meals on flight from my recent to and back from Taiwan!

LAX to TPE (meal 1)

LAX to TPE (meal 2)

TPE to LAX (meal 1)

TPE to LAX (meal 2)

{queen creek} olives

February 15, 2015

Besides getting all peachy, the other famous stop in Queen Creek is the Queen Creek Olive Mill: Arizona’s only working olive oil farm and mill. I’ve also been here before but didn’t get a chance last time to try any of the food. This time, I did … and it was all so delicious. The cupcakes were especially moist and and frosting not too overwhelming, which often is the case with cupcakes these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I also like just walking around the mill though. Before, this place definitely wasn’t this packed, but since it was the opening weekend of the olive season or something like that, there were tons of people everywhere! I mean, wouldn’t you want to try what chocolate olive oil tastes like? Pretty interesting.

An oily photo adventure:











Do you like pancakes? I like pancakes. I like pancakes that you make at home. I like pancakes that you unfreeze and microwave. I like pancakes from fancy pancake places. And I even like the awesome school breakfast pancakes that our school has that has the strawberry jam built right in so the kids don’t have to get all sticky from the syrup.

Since we were reading Pancakes! Pancakes! by Eric Carle last week as the last book in our Eric Carle author study, I asked my students if they like pancakes, too. They all replied, yes! So … I decided to create both a sequencing and text-to-self connection activity all in one. Students had to sequence the ingredients Jack looked for throughout the book. Then they had to write on their big pancake the reason they like pancakes. Since Jack ate pancakes smothered in strawberry jam and our school serves pancakes with jam already inside, we focused on this type of pancake as opposed to pancakes with syrup. Last year when we read this book my students and I actually had pancakes. Last year I also had much older students so that option made more sense. For this group of kindergarteners, I’m thinking this was a pretty great activity!

Our work!

All the ingredients from the book and my reason for loving pancakes

I like pancakes because it is golden brown and I like strawberry jam.

I like pancakes because they are delicious. They are yummy.

I like pancakes because I can put peanut butter and jelly.

I like pancakes because I can put strawberry jam.

I like pancakes because I can put strawberry jam.


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