{sf} thoroughly bred bread

December 10, 2016

Since moving to the Duboce Triangle neighborhood in San Francisco, I haven’t spent much time exploring my new surroundings and all the perks that come with living here. I do pretty regularly walk by this bread and pastry shop with a very clever name though and finally decided to stop in the other day. Thorough Bread and Pastry may just sound like a cleverly-named cafe with fresh-baked foods and coffee drinks, but I was thoroughly impressed when I got my order. I was just passing by so I wasn’t going to buy an entire sit down coffee drink and pastry. Instead, I decided on a mushroom and onion turnover, which they heated up for me. I was entirely surprised by how delicious the turnover turned out to be. I can’t imagine how much butter went into making just this one turnover (I actually saw them making more in the back) but oh my goodness all those calories were worth it because the thing was so flaky and delicious. I have seriously never tasted anything like it before. Hopefully this turnover speaks for the rest of the products this place produces, too, because I may have to stop in here more often!



{berlin} german life eats

December 4, 2016

I feel like in typical American fashion, I didn’t know a lot of about German food. I knew that Germany is big on beer, bratwursts, and sauerkraut. Maybe it was these low expectations that led to me being pleasently surprised in Berlin where I thought the school was just amazing! First of all, they were so generous with their portions, but not in a ridiculous way like in the United States sometimes. The food was always delicious and refreshing, too. I especially liked the breakfasts, which often consisted of bread, cheeses, eggs, and some fresh sliced cucumbers/tomatoes. Of course this came with ample amounts of delicious butter and even more delicious coffee. I think part of the reason I thought food in Berlin was so delicious though was the fact that there is a far amount of foreign influence. For example, the donners and the various curried foods, not authentically German, but common due to the large immigrant population now present in Berlin and all over the country. All in all, eating my way through Berlin was a delicious adventure for my tongue!

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A few weeks ago I had a friend visiting New York City and I wanted to find well-rated places around where I lived that we could go for dinner. I found Hi-Collar and when I saw omurice on the menu, I was sold. Omurice is basically an omelet with tomato sauce rice and I remember that my mother used to make her own version of it when we was young. Unfortunately, Hi-Collar turns into a sake bar at night and doesn’t serve their signature food and coffee in the evening. So, the next day we decided to go for lunch!

The place had a little bit of a wait time because the whole restaurant is a bar with around 12 seats. Hi-Collar is known for their coffee which is made right in front of you at the counter. The whole place is so, so cute and you really feel like you’ve taken a trip back into vintage Japan.


I had read about their “gold-encrusted” bathroom online and I knew that I had to see it. The entire bathroom’s walls are made with tiny little golden bars and they even have one of those advanced  Japanese toilets, the ToTo Washlet, that rinse your butt for you! I loved the bathroom; I thought it was the cutest thing.


Now on to the food, my friend and I both ordered the Omurice. It was delicious. The omelet was incredibly fluffy and the bacon in the tomato rice was the perfect touch. I would highly recommend this dish. Although I am not a huge coffee fan, I knew I had to try it. I ordered the Cold Brew “Mizudashi” Iced Coffee while my friend ordered the Siphon. I didn’t enjoy mine, but that’s only because I have a hard time enjoying coffee. I guess it went down very smooth and the copper mug kept it very cold. My friend tried it and said it was incredible coffee, so I trust her on that one. She also really enjoyed her siphon. Overall, a great experience.



There was a family reunion feast.







And, there was a bonfire. Not your firepit-in-the-neighborhood-park kind of little bonfire, this was a college-homecoming kind of humongous bonfire.



{napa} 2 birds 1 stone

November 14, 2016

Since Napa is an extremely expensive place to wine and dine, we decided to only eat one major meal here: lunch. Even just lunch was quite expensive, but then again we picked a rather nice place to try out our Napa eating adventure. During my family’s visit to Napa, my dad found this place called Two Birds One Stone. We didn’t know it before arriving, but this turned out to be another one of those tapas locations with (expensive) small dishes.

After much debate, we decided on the following Asian-inspired tapas dishes: the Hirame Sashimi, the Rare King Salmon, the Savory Japanese Pancake, and the Fried Forbidden Rice. Both the Hirame Sashimi and the Rare King Slamon came with such tiny pieces of fish that we could barely split it. The Savory Japanese Pancake came at a expected size and was actually quite delicious. The Fried Forbidden Rice was a pretty large portion, but was a bit too oily.

We also decided on the large Crispy Chicken platter, which was a good choice because without it we probably would have never ended up full. All in all though, quite a delicious meal albeit a bit expensive, but not bad for six people in Napa!

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Hirame Sashimi

Rare King Salmon

Savory Japanese Pancake

Fried Forbidden Rice

Crispy Chicken