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August 26, 2015


With my second sister having moved back east a couple months ago, I guess it’s now up to me to represent all the great eats in San Diego!

Last week, my aunt and uncle were in town and asked me to choose some place for dinner. Bo Beau Kitchen and Bar was recommended to me, and I definitely do not regret going! There are a couple locations in San Diego, but we visited the one in Ocean Beach. This place is very popular, and doesn’t allow reservations, but as an insider tip, if you call an hour or less before you show up at the restaurant, they’ll let you put your name on a wait list in advance. This worked out perfectly for us, as they were preparing our table right as I arrived!


AMAZING brussel sprout appetizer that came in a HUGE portion — I ate the leftovers for part of my lunch for nearly the rest of the week!


My meal – lobster risotto. It was so creamy and had sizeable chunks of actual lobster! I didn’t get good pictures due to lighting, but the other meals we ordered for our table was the daily fish special (pink grouper when we went) and steak frites. Both my aunt and uncle approved highly of their meals!


Creme Brulee – this may have been my favorite part, especially with the fresh berries and candied orange peels. It wasn’t too sweet and the caramelized top had the perfect crunch.

This place is a must-try in my opinion if you’re ever in town!

Until September,

One of the most exciting things about Portland is its food scene. Now I don’t know if the fancy restaurants in this city are exciting or not; I’m talking about Portland’s food truck scene! This place is like a mega food truck (cart) city. Portland is home to a number of different Food Cart Pods scattered around the city that each consists of a large quantity of food carts. I guess they’ve banded together because its better for sales and easier for everyone to find them. My sister and I were especially excited to visit at least one of these pods because not only were we quite hungry, we wanted to witness the excitement of being surrounded by 20+ food carts at the same time. Let me tell you, to be able to walk down the street and have open access to like every kind of food you can think of in a easy to order and carry out fashion is pretty amazing. There were an especially large quantity of Thai carts so we both decided to try some Thai food. It was so delicious! I am in love with Portland’s Food Carts!

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A pods of Portland photo adventure:







After visiting Seattle, my sister and I took Amtrak down to Portland. I’ve actually only ridden Amtrak once before and that was in eighth grade, so it was a pretty nice and relaxing experience. Once we arrived in Portland, of course our first stop was Voodoo Doughnut. There was a very long line outside this unassuming building and every person who walked out was carrying a large pink box. We thought it was so silly that they would all buy so many doughnuts! What were they going to do with so many?

After not too long, we got inside and were a bit overwhelmed with all the doughnut options. It’s a good thing we looked up all the flavors while in line and had a good idea of what we were going to order: 3 regulars and 1 special. The special doughnuts (I forget the name now) had something to do with the street because it was made to look like a street!

Diablos Rex Doughnut » Chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate frosting, red sprinkles, vanilla pentagram and chocolate chips in the middle!

Lemon Chiffon Crueller Doughnut » French crueller with vanilla frosting, lemon dust and three marshmallows!

Apple Fritter Doughnut » Fried dough with apple chunks and cinnamon covered in a glaze!

And you guessed it! We also walked out of Voodoo Doughnuts with a huge pink box! It’s a good thing they had picnic tables outside that we sat at to try all of our doughnuts before packing the rest up in a bag to eat later. Yum! I just love doughnuts!

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We only had to buy one evening meal in Seattle because our hostel happened to be serving up delicious pasta the other night. For our first, we had a bit of a hard time trying to find and decide what we wanted to eat. We were in the area between Pike Place Market and the Seattle Center, but didn’t want an expensive sit down place. In the end, we happened upon The Falafel King, which happened to be a delicious choice!

Walking in, we were a little unsure of this tiny spot, but a guy sitting in the window told us that he was a chef and that he loved this place, so we decided to just go for it. We originally wanted the Falafel Rice Plate, but they were out of rice(!) so we tried the salad instead. That was just yum! I loved the dressing on the salad as well as the perfectly cooked falafels. The hummus was extremely flavorful as were all the spices. What a great meal!

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A Seattle falafel photo adventure:




While in Seattle, we spent part of an afternoon in the International District. It was pretty deserted and the main attraction in the International District was Chinatown. Despite not having much to see or do in the area, I was still glad we decided to make the trip there because that meant we were able to get some delicious Dim Sum. This is not to say that the Dim Sum was perfect. In fact, I was pretty disappointed in the variety of dishes, probably because of the place we picked was pretty small. The dishes they did offer were made, however, very well, which made up for some of the variety disappointment. Perhaps they go with the motto of doing a few things well!

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An international Seattle photo adventure:










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