I’ve apparently been spending a lot of my eating out times in the Mission lately. It’s just so easy to get to the Mission from my new apartment now (literally there’s a bus stop outside my window). My friend is visiting the states from Malaysia so we met up in the Mission and explored Mission Dolores Park for awhile before heading over to Valencia to find some eats. We ended up at Udapi Palace between 21st and 22nd streets. Udapi Palace serves south Indian dosas and uthappams. We both tried different dosas. His had spinach chutney and paneer while mine had spinach and spiced potatoes. I would say both turned out quite delicious. As someone from Malaysia who has grown up around many South Indians, my friend said that the dosa flavors seemed like authentic. Neat-o!

Giant dosa

{sf} love for burma love

April 22, 2017

I haven’t had Burmese food that many times, but I love it. There seem to be quite a few places in San Francisco to get this type of Asian food now and I’m excited that people now have access to more types of Asian cuisine. Just earlier this week, I had a chance to visit Burma Love in the Mission on Valencia. Just a block north of the crazy of where most of the restaurants on Valencia area, Burma Love is a bit set apart, but it’s quite the draw for people looking for something a little different. Of course I had to start with meal with Tea Leaf Salad, which is such an interesting mix of textures and flavors unlike any other salad you’ve ever had before. Then I tried the Moh Hinga (Catfish Chowder Noodle Soup), which is a fish chowder with rice noodles, ground catfish, onions, cilantro, lemon, and topped with chili. All so yummy!

Tea Leaf Salad

Ingredients to go into the Fish Chowder

Fish Chowder

The other day, my school’s art teacher wasn’t in so we had a substitute art teacher. The regular art teacher loves my class though so she actually invited a special guest from the District’s visual art department to teach my class art. This teacher is really something special. She bought all kinds of fruits and taught the students to watercolor them. I was entirely blown away by how detailed some of the fruits came out looking. I really thought they were going to just draw circles (for apples and oranges) and triangles (for strawberries)!

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

{sf} wraps @ souvla

April 18, 2017

There’s a new Greek wraps and salads place that opened up on Divisadero a couple of months ago that I’ve been waiting and waiting to try. Souvla doesn’t offer that many things, but what they do offer is just so delicious! They have wraps and salads that you can order with either pork, chicken, lamb, or veg (sweet potato). Beyond that, they offer a few sides, some greek frozen yogurt, and wine, but that’s pretty much it. I love places with few options. So far I’ve only had a chance to try the veg option, but I’m super excited to go back and see what the lamb is all about!

Waiting for some Greek food!

Veg wrap

Veg salad

{sf} isobune-style boats

April 16, 2017

While at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival last weekend (which continues today), I was able to stop in for some real live boat sushi at Isobune. I thought I had never been to a sushi boat place before, but now thinking about it more, I think I may have gone to a conveyor belt place before, which I suppose is the same idea. Isobune is unique though because it’s not just a conveyor belt. In fact, they actually have a moat or canal that runs all the way around the chef station and in front of all the seats. Each boat holds up to four plates of sushi that you can take as you please. Prices are based on the color of the plates you take. Turns out boat sushi is not the best way to get full or eat a real meal unless you want to spend a fortune, so it’s more of a fun experience if you ask me!

Warm towels to wipe hands then wasabi, ginger, and tea

The boats on water

Salmon and scallops

Some kind of crazy roll with tempura shrimp

Giant slabs of tuna