When we found out we were headed to Park City for some snowboarding (yes, I know this post is quite late!), we asked some people we knew who had friends in the area where we should grab food to eat. We weren’t too keen on the prices we had seen for the food in the area and some locals recommended Chubasco. Taking advantage of Park City’s all free city buses, we wandered around awhile before finding Chubasco. Walking in, we were truly impressed by the impressive salsa bar that this place is known for. There were more salsas here and so many interesting ones that I have never, ever heard of before! I’m sad to report that the food wasn’t that great though. My chile relleno burrito was interesting and spicy, but overall, the food was just ok, so sad … considering the salsas were so impressive!


Most varied salsa bar I have ever seen

Shrimp and fish enchiladas

Green chili cheese tamale

Chili Relleno Burrito

We happened to decide to stop in Santa Cruz on our way back to San Francisco recently because we really needed a rest break and were just starving. Betty Burgers seemed like a decent option so we decided to give this place a try. There were so many burgers on the menu and it took me forever to finally decide on the Mad Mex burger which was smothered in guacamole (my favorite!). In the end though, I wouldn’t really say that this place is anything to write home about though I’m sure the food tasted extra delicious because we were so hungry!


Slammin’ Salmon

Mad Mex

50/50 Crispy and Sweet Fries

King’s Beach (Lake Tahoe area) is right on the water and doesn’t it make sense that the best beach food would be a deliciously grilled burger? Well, recently I had a chance to visit Char-Pit. This tiny establishment serves up a whole lot of different food options but for sure their char-pit grilled burgers are the best. If you come during rush hours though, you’ll have to wait to get a seat inside because this place is packed! Everyone all around the Lake must be craving these burgers!


Crowded place with minimal seating

Garden Veggie Burger

Yankee Burger


As I mentioned last month, I had the chance in March to visit the Mall of America outside of Minneapolis, MN. One of the other specialty stores, besides the Lego store, was the giant Peep store! My visit was well timed, as it was right after Easter Sunday, which is often the time people eat these sugar coated marshmallow Peep treats, so the store was fully decked out.


The Peep storefront. I can’t imagine a kid would be able to walk by this store without wanting to go inside!


A colorful Peep display! And Peep-themed paraphernalia of all sorts. My favorite are definitely the Peep shaped giant stuffed animals – both bunny and chick shaped.

To be honest, Peeps aren’t my favorite and I almost never eat them, but this Peep-themed store was definitely worth looking at!

After snacking it up over at Causwells, I was walking along in the Marina District when I saw Over the Moon Ice Cream & Cookies and just knew that I had to stop in for some ice cream! According to their website, Over the Moon is “a San Francisco creamery with a retro bent. Serving up house made ice cream, plain frozen yogurt, and, fresh baked cookies inspired by Grandma Millie.” The Australian man behind the counter let everyone try as many flavors as they wanted before making a decision. I know I got Honey Lavender (because that’s become one of my favorites now), but I honestly can’t remember what the other flavor on my cone was! It’s shocking, I know! Anyway, no matter what the flavor was, it was just delicious!


Ice cream cones!


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