{sf} el porteño empanadas

December 16, 2017

When I traveled around Argentina almost decade ago now (right after college), I remember eating cheap meals off on the side of the street. Many of these meals included traditional Argentinean empanadas made by local vendors. I remember these empanadas because not only were they quite delicious, they were the absolute cheapest meals and I could try all kinds of local flavors.

Now back to San Francisco. I’ve walked around the Ferry Building many times, but I recently noticed a newer establishment called El Porteño. I’m not entirely sure how new this place it, but I can’t imagine I’ve just never noticed it before … but maybe?!? I hope I’m not that oblivious. Anyway,  I just had to give this place a try and was quite impressed with all the different kinds of stuffing they had for their empanadas. Since I was only looking for a snack, I bought one eggplant one (on the specials menu that day) but will definitely be back for more. Yum! This place is my new Ferry Building favorite!


Argentinian empanadas

Eggplant special


{new haven} dashi

December 13, 2017

Just this past weekend, I was having a craving for ramen. There is a ramen place in New Haven that we usually go to when I am experiencing this craving, however I wanted to try something new this time around. We googled ramen places and this new restaurant called Dashi came up. This place is actually more known for their Shabu Shabu, but there were some good reviews about their ramen. We decided to give their pork ramen with miso based soup a try as well as the Japanese curry with katsu. Both were delicious!! I was so happy we decided to try this place out. Maybe next time we will give the Shabu shabu a try!


Tasted better than it looks.

Alameda has some very popular brunch spots that aren’t necessarily the best of the best, but area always good. I had never been to any of these since I don’t actually spend that much time in Alameda, but I was there one mid morning and decided to get some brunch. Neptune’s was recommended. This place is popular for its coffee and there even some people set up with their laptops outside working. We decided to eat inside though and didn’t end up having to wait too long for a table, which was great! We tried the Persian-Style Frittata and the Biscuit Benedict. I really liked the spices on the frittata and loved the texture of the biscuit (which was very melt-in-the-mouth). The (I assume to be) homemade hash brown was also on the top of my list, but that might just be because I’m biased and love hash browns!


Persian-Style Frittata

Biscuit Benedict

Right before Thanksgiving break, we read a funny book in class called Run, Turkey, Run by Diane Mayr. Then we discussed Thanksgiving and all the different types of foods that the students might encounter during that holiday (if their families celebrate it). Next we used that information to make our own plates of Thanksgiving food. This activity was differentiated so that the younger students colored in pictures, cut them out, and glued them onto a plate. The older students had to used construction paper to make their own foods. I think they turned out pretty good!

Our feast!

Have you ever heard of the Impossible Burger? Essentially it’s a vegetarian product that is supposed to look, taste, and feel like a real meat burger patty. The concept, of course, has been around awhile butler recently it showed up in San Francisco in a few select restaurants including Umami Burger. We decided to go there and pay for the expensive experience to try it out! Turns out, it definitely tasted like a real burger! The mouth feel was a bit off but not significantly so. Yum!


The Impossible Burger

Fries with not-so-great ketchup