It’s not often that I get to eat Puerto Rican food. In fact, I rarely get it at all since there hasn’t been a large Puerto Rican population in any of the places I’ve lived. Hmmm … perhaps I should try living in Miami for awhile.

Anyway, while my family was in town (in SF), we headed up across the Golden Gate Bridge to Mill Valley where we ate lunch one noon at Sol Food, which specializes in Puerto Rican cuisine. Since eating here, I’ve decided that I definitely need to visit Puerto Rico even if just for the food! There were so many items on the menu we barely knew where to start, but eventually ordered a bunch of items to share including the baked chicken, the steak, and the Cuban sandwich, all of which were delicious. The meat on the chicken was especially tender and literally fell off the bone, which mixed with the rice was nothing short of amazing. For sure I want to eat at this place again! Too bad it’s so far away from the City!

The large menu of choices

The ambiance

Pollo al Horno

Bistec Encebollado

The Cubano


Now that I am in Philadelphia, the only appropriate fitting first post from here has to be about Philly Cheesesteaks! I’ve actually only been to one in my month here, so I have nothing to compare it to so far, but a friend and I took a trip to Pat’s King of Steaks. Unlike some other cheesesteak shops that have multiple locations, Pat’s only has one location in South Philly, right across the street from another famous cheesesteak shop called Geno’s, and Pat’s has been open since 1930!


As shown by this sign, there is a very specific way to order a cheesesteak. Don’t get it wrong, or the cashier is sure to look at you with contempt


The Pat’s counter – you can see on the photo wall on top many old pictures of Pat’s, including with many celebrities throughout the decades


“One wiz wit” – One cheesesteak with cheese whiz and with onions! Honestly, I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was not blown away. There was definitely good greasy flavor, but to me, it just seems like a regular ole’ cheese steak. But maybe that’s the point!

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{melaka} eating jonker street

September 27, 2016

Jonker Street is famous. It might be even more famous than the city name Melaka itself because for sure it’s the place to be both day and night. Since I happened to be staying right near Jonker Street, I was able to hit this area up with during the day to check out the vibe and then again and night to experience the fact that even more vendors fill this place up. In fact, in the evening it was so busy that there were literally times I had to push through the crowds to get to some food stands. It was all worth it though because where else do you get to eat dim sum on the street followed by Durian puffs???

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A delicious photo adventure:










{sf} the prime rib experience

September 24, 2016

For my birthday dinner, my family came to visit me in San Francisco and we ate out at a fancy restaurant that you have to wait at least 3 hours for if you don’t have a reservation. Well, it’s a good thing my dad made a reservation even if it was a bit late in the evening. Anyway, I’m glad we got the reservation though at House of Prime Rib because the place was like a magical house of beef! The entire dinner was quite the experience!

First we waited a little while for our reserved table because the party sitting there didn’t feel like leaving after their meal was over. Good thing they didn’t linger too long though!


After sitting down, we got served sourdough bread with butter and giant knives!


After ordering, we experienced the making of the salad, which was done table side.


I loved the house dressing and beets in the salad.


Many of us ordered baked potatoes with our prime rib. These were also prepared table side complete with butter, sour cream, chives, and tons of bacon.


My sister ordered their off-the-menu Roasted Vegetable platter, which they sell about 2 per night.


Then we watched the chef open up his prime rib contraption and cut us giant slabs of delicious prime rib!


Two of my sisters shared an English cut (thinner slices).


My mom and I shared a House of Prime Rib cut.


My dad got the King Henry VIII cut.


What a meal experience! You can even get free seconds if you’re still hungry. We were not because I’m pretty sure we brought home as much leftovers as we ate while there!

I happened to be in Berkeley on my way back to the City and was super hungry. Yelp is always my friend during these times and I found Paragon rated quite high so I decided to give the place a visit. Since it was a Sunday morning, they have a special event, which is a vegan pop-up. They serve only a few items (all vegan) instead of their regular menu. This seemed interesting!

Since I was with a friend, we ordered both the Paragon Florentine #11 and the Horseshoe Plate and shared so that we would have the option of trying more of these vegan dishes. In the end, I decided that I was really quite pleasantly surprised by the flavors and textures of all the foods. If I hadn’t known everything was vegan, I probably wouldn’t have guessed. Of course, the brussels sprouts were my favorite!


Horseshoe Plate #10

Paragon Florentine #11