Have you ever been to any of those super themed restaurants? Sometimes I think they’re a little cheesy, but this one seemed alright. Lunchbox Eats is all based around the idea of school. There are old fashioned desks, the menus are printed on lined papers, there are tiny pencils to use, school rules are posted on the wall, and even the food items are school-related. For example, we ordered the School Bully Crawfish Sloppy Joe and Leadership Mac & Pork Club – creative, huh? This place is located right downtown, very close to the Grizzlies stadium so parking was a little difficult on a game day, but the food was quite delicious!

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Love the school references

Menu on lined paper

School Bully Crawfish Sloppy Joe and Squash Casserole (left)

Leadership Mac & Pork Club

Beale Street is where all the live music action is in Memphis. It’s also where we ended up walking around one evening in need of dinner. While pretty much every place boasts that they serve up the best Memphis-style BBQ along this street, decided to give Blues City Cafe a run for its advertising especially since it had live music starting right around the the time we were going to sit down and there was still seating left. Of course, I had to try the BBQ and let me tell you, it really was delicious. Granted, I’m not really a BBQ connoisseur or anything so I can’t really tell you the difference but for sure the meat was cooked for the right amount of time and the BBQ sauce had just the right amount of tang. Yummy!


Read about our other Memphis adventures: cafe-style soul fish • civil rights @ lorraine moteldejavu foodsb. b. king


Giant menu

Seafood Gumbo Cheese Fries

Half Rack BBQ Ribs

Live music

{memphis} dejavu foods

April 26, 2016

While wandering downtown Memphis, which seemed not that lively in the middle of the day (probably because most people were working) we stopped in at New Orleans DeJAVU for a quick meal. I thought this would be an interesting place to try because they advertise themselves as serving Creole, soul, and vegetarian cuisine. It turned out this place was quite hoppin’ with everyone on their lunch break. In the end, we decided on a meal of four sides as well as the Arkansas Outlaw, which was essentially a giant piece of fried catfish smothered in New Orleans crawfish etoufee. Just delicious!

Read about our other Memphis adventures: cafe-style soul fishcivil rights @ lorraine motel


Meal of sides

Arkansas Outlaw

During our first night in Memphis, we were determined to find authentic Southern Soul food and find it we did at Soul Fish Cafe right near the one and only (church) hostel we stayed at while in town. I had been looking forward to consuming some fried okra (one of my favorites during my time in southern Virginia), hush puppies (another fave), and fried catfish. Soul Fish Cafe’s selection was delicious and totally made me appreciate Soul food. I was so glad there were going to be so many more days of delicious Soul food to come, even if my arteries were going to overload in the process!


Blackened Catfish with Fried Okra and Corn Bread

Fried Catfish with Hush Puppies, Coleslaw, and Fries

We quickly realized while in Oxford, Mississippi that everything is very expensive, including the food! This made finding a cheap-er place to eat quite a difficult task. In the end, it’s not like we could only eat Southern food since there were lots of other places to eat Southern food, so we decided on a random food place that wasn’t rated too low on Yelp and ended up being quite a positive experience.

Old Venice Pizza Co. serves pizza, but we didn’t end up ordering any pizza. We decided to try something that would allow this establishment to serve up their special “Eclectic Italian with a Touch of Southern Creole” fare. We thought that the best way to do their would be to try their special lunch deal where you can get a sandwich and a soup for only $8.50! This turned out to be the best deal ever! I chose the BouDreaux sandwhich, which came with fries, and the Crawfish Chowder. Both turned out to be delicious! What a good decision to walk into this random establishment!

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Crawfish Chowder

BouDreaux Sandwich


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