{sf} la reyna bakery

December 1, 2015

Near 24th Street and Mission there’s a panadería that I just love. I know there’s tons of Mexican bread shops in San Francisco, but for some reason I just happen to love La Reyna Bakery. I just love walking into their place and realizing that despite the fact that they have no decorations and pretty much nothing in the shop, the bread cases are filled with trays and trays of the most delicious pan (bread). If this place were closer to where I lived, I would totally walk by every morning and buy some pan to eat with my coffee. The jelly-lined twists, sugary scones, and chocolate breads are my favorite!


Bag of pan

Are you hungry yet?


I’m currently in Taipei, Taiwan spending some time with my grandma and other relatives. I have a childhood friend who moved to Taipei last year and we met up for lunch a few days ago. As the more local of us two, I asked her to choose a meeting spot. We ended up going to Sababa Wine and Pita Bar. Every time I come back to Taiwan, I try to maximize opportunities to eat local Taiwan cuisine, so Mediterranean wasn’t at the top of my list, but Sababa turned out to be pretty good!

The inside of the restaurant. We were the first ones to arrive when the restaurant opened, so it was pretty empty!

The gyro plate my friend ordered.

My falafel pita! I was quite surprised with the authentic taste!

I might have to try to some other types of ethnic cuisine the next time I’m in Taiwan!

Until next month,

Even though Phoenix is known for its Mexican food (mainly due to proximity and therefore large Mexican population), San Francisco is also quite the place to fulfill your taste buds’ craving for something South of the Border. Right in the Bernal Heights there’s Taco Los Altos. I first heard about this place from a couple of coworkers who like to call ahead to order burritos and then pick them up since it’s just a short walk from our school. While exploring Bernal’s main drag – Cortland Avenue – I ran into this place, too, and decided to give it a try. Just like my coworkers, I ordered the Super Baby Burrito with carne asada. The Super part means it comes with guacamole and sour cream; and it’s just a baby burrito so it’s not so huge! It was just perfect!





{sf} piqueos’ peruvian fare

November 23, 2015

When my parents helped me move to Bernal Heights, we needed to grab some grub. While the neighborhood does have some interesting options, there weren’t a ton of them close by to my exact location so we decided on Piqueos, which is known for its Peruvian cuisine. On their website, they introduce themselves as a “contemporary Peruvian tapas bar in Bernal Heights, offers an original concept in Peruvian dining”. Personally, I loved trying the food when I was in Peru so I figured that I would like the food here, too. I was definitely right! So yummy! We figured this place would be a little expensive, so that wasn’t so bad, but the only downside was the fact that since we weren’t planning on ordering any wine, the wait staff didn’t pay much attention to us. It made the experience a little more subdued than perhaps it could have been, especially since how delicious all the food was.



Scallops Ficho

Quesadilla de Pato

Seco de Cordero

{nyc} it’s korilla time

November 11, 2015


The first time I heard about Korilla was on The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. A Korean-Mexican fusion sounded so odd, yet so amazing. I was a huge fan, so I was pretty devastated when they ended up cheating on the show. Despite the disappointment, I still really wanted to try their food.

When I got to New York, I was told to explore St. Marks Place. The first thing that I noticed was an entirely tiger striped painted building with Korilla’s logo smack in the middle. I was surprised because I thought they only food trucks, but I was ecstatic that their restaurant was so close to my dorm.


I finally got the chance to try it for my friend’s birthday. The set-up for ordering was a lot like Chipotle.


I ordered a Bulgogi Rice Bowl with bean sprouts, salsa verde, and monterey jack cheese. I topped it with the Korilla Sauce. It was amazing. It was so full of flavor and the Mexican and Korean mix was incredibly interesting. The portion was also pretty large. For a drink, I had wanted to try the Korchata, but they had run out so I ordered the Green Dream, which tasted… healthy.


My friends ordered a Hot Chix burrito and the other also ordered a Bulgogi Rice Bowl with different sides and a fried egg on top. They both really enjoyed their meals. One friend ordered the Korean Orangeade, which I thought was better than the Green Dream. Together, we shared the KimCheese Fries which I highly recommend. I never thought that Kimchi and Cheese could work together, but it was delicious.



In addition to the food, the seating area was small, but cozy. There were drawings on the wall which I found to be cute and nice to be surrounded by.




As a whole, I very much enjoyed Korilla. I still want to try the food truck, but I would definitely return to the restaurant.


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