Recently, I’ve turned from just being the kindergarten to second grade special education to having room full of kindergarten through fifth grade students! It’s like a one-room school house up in here! Having much older kids in my room for sure has turned the dynamics a bit. For one, there’s more foul language (which of course I hate, but sometimes you have to choose your battles). Beyond that, ten year olds are a bit different from five year olds and are interested in different things. Granted they do still all love building with wooden blocks and all kinds of silly little kid stuff. The older kids love eating hot chips though and recently (since it’s been raining), they’ve created a hot cheeto eating contest in my room during recess! It’s absolutely ridiculous … but I’ll allow it. Besides, there’s MUCH bigger fish to fry than the hot ships they’re stuffing in their mouths!


KFC running out of chicken? That’s like McDonald’s running out of Big Mac or Gasp!!… Starbucks running out of coffee. And yet, that was what happened to KFC in UK, forcing as many as 800 of its 900 outlets to close.

KFC in UK switched their delivery vendor from Bitvest to DHL. Of course, DHL’s pitch to get the contract was that it will overhaul KFC’s UK distribution. At the time, DHL “promised to re-write the rule book and set a new benchmark for delivering fresh products to KFC.” Yes, ZERO delivery sure is a new benchmark.

You have to give UK KFC credit. It did not shy away from the embarrassment or poking some fun at itself.

“The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants,” KFC said on Twitter. And,

It took out full page ads to apologize, with cheeky flair.

Hmmm, I wonder what FCK means. Probably, that first word out of KFC’s mouth, when they were informed of the chicken shortage. But, maybe they mean

Fried Chicken Kaput
Failed Carrier Kink – that little kink in the supply chain logistics
Full Crisis Karma missing yoU

Apparently, that kink in the supply chain isn’t so little. A week after the chicken outage, with some restaurants still serving only reduced menu, KFC ran out of gravy!!

Can you say Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes? They are available in UK, by the way.

winter olympic snafu

February 21, 2018

Think you need to travel to PyeongChang, South Korea, to take in the 2018 Winter Olympics? No… it’s happening at your local P.F. Chang. It’s on the TV news, surely, it’s got to be true.

Since the Winter Olympics is broadcasted by NBC. I have a sneaky suspicion, ABC is just trying to confuse and steer audiences away from NBC.

NBC’s Katie Couric thinks the Dutch are such good ice skaters because it’s an important mode of transportation for traveling around the frozen canals of Amsterdam. Wow, the secret is out for the Netherlands’ Olympic success. That face of the NBC Winter Olympics broadcast, is not exactly the brightest bulb.

Speaking of NBC’s dim bulb, one analyst was fired for “insensitive” remarks about Korean history with Japan. If you are going to be an “analyst,” maybe you should do your homework. Read up on the brutal Japanese occupation of Korea before WWII, before blabbering on to insult an entire country, or two countries – counting North Korea and South Korea.

Lost in translation? That Google Translate from Norwegian to Korean, needs just a bit of adjustment. Norwegian Olympic team accidentally ordered 15,000 eggs (it was meant to be a 1,500 eggs order). What’s an additional zero? Well…it’s about 137 eggs per Norwegian athlete. Maybe that’s Norway’s secret to their success at winter Olympics!

{sf} the corridor’s eats

February 12, 2018

Over the weekend, my friend and I headed down to Civic Center area for a Symphony show (more about that tomorrow). Since the show started at 8 pm, we needed to grab dinner beforehand. There aren’t too many options in that immediate area since it’s mainly government buildings, but we did find one location that we wanted to try out: Corridor. Despite being located on the bottom floor of a very fancy condo building, Corridor actually wasn’t pretentious at all, which was very surprising. Their prices were fair (for San Francisco). And they have an amazing Happy Hour where even their fanciest draft beers and wines by the glass are only $5 until 6 pm! Based on the reason, it made sense that there was quite the focus on root vegetables. Our waiter was super nice and even told us not to order too much because the chef is quite generous. Everything we ordered included impressive combinations of flavors that we hadn’t tried before and so even if it wasn’t blow-your-mind-away amazing (because that’s pretty difficult in SF), I would definitely love to come back here again!

So many choices!

Happy Hour draft beers for only $5

Cauliflower Soup

Pole Bean Salad

Vegetable Pot Pie

{sf} la fina’s peruvian

February 10, 2018

Peruvian food is pretty popular right now in San Francisco. There seem to be Peruvian restaurants popping up all the time. For me, that’s great since I certainly enjoyed Peruvian food while I was visiting Peru (a decade ago … I really need to plan another trip there!). While my friend from college was in town, we decided to grab some lunch at one of these Peruvian wonders. When we first got there, we were actually debating if we should walk in since there didn’t appear to be anyone inside. I’m glad we decided to though because the food turned out to be great and multiple groups walked in soon after us.

Despite all the many options on the menu, it was pretty funny that in the end we all ended up having essentially the same dish with a different protein: traditional lomo (beef), pescado (fish), and mariscos (seafood). Yum!


Bread and sauces

Sangria – cheers!

Pescado Saltado

Lomo Saltado

Mariscos Saltados