{philadelphia} amish doughnuts

February 22, 2017


A couple weekends ago, a college friend visited me in Philadelphia, so I took it as an opportunity to do some touristy exploring. Of course, one of our first stops was Reading Terminal Market, an indoor Farmer’s Market that opened in 1892, where you can find produce, meats, prepared foods, housewares, and area specialties.

Although I had been to Reading Terminal before, my previous visit was on a Sunday, where many shops were closed. Upon further investigation, it looked like all of the shops with Amish owners are closed on Sunday, which makes sense, given that Sunday is occupied by going to church!

I’m glad I went on a Saturday this time, because I needed to try the Amish-owned Beiler’s doughnuts. The line for Beiler’s snaked around half of the Market and although it moves quickly, we probably waited close to half an hour to buy these tasty pastries.

A baker rolling out the raw dough and cutting out doughnut shapes

Another worker icing the freshly baked hot doughnuts

The finished doughnuts – don’t they just look delicious?

The doughnuts were delicious, but to be honest, I’m not sure I would wait in that line again – next time, I’ll have to visit on a weekday, when I’m sure I could be in and out and still have my fill of delicious doughnuts!


{sf} the city’s tlc

February 11, 2017

TLC is famous for its burritos, which I’ve now had the pleasure of eating twice. I’m told they have an amazing weekend brunch, but I’ve never had the opportunity to visit. Actually, I realized that I’ve never actually eaten at The Little Chihuahua either. In fact, the two times I’ve had their delicious burritos I’ve always gotten it to go. One of the best things about this place is their large variety of (quite) spicy salsas. They used to give out free tortilla chips, too, which went away between the two times I’ve had their delicious food slathered with large quantities of salsa.

There are actually three The Little Chihuahua locations: Lower Haight, Noe Valley, and the Mission. I’ve only ever gone to the Lower Haight location (on Divisadero) since it’s quite close to where I live. I mean, who can pass over a salmon burrito? Or a shrimp burrito? I mean, yum!


So many salsas

A look inside my salmon burrito

The only thing that truly sucks about going to Tijuana (from San Diego) is coming back. The lines at immigration are just so you’re wasting tons of gas, too. The only bright side during all this waiting is that there is an abundance of local Mexican vendors that take advantage (and should) of the motorists waiting to enter the U.S. While I personally enjoy the food vendors most because it actually makes sense to buy some snacks and drinks to help you pass the time, I also appreciate the men walking around with fleece blankets, puppies, giant wall paintings, and even chairs. I mean, I didn’t see any of these items get sold, but it’s still pretty amusing to watch. My parents and I decided against the puppies and chairs and decided to try some of the street corn and cucumber/chia seed agua fresca instead.



Cucumber and chia seed agua fresca

{tijauna} fancy misión 19

February 5, 2017

One of Tijuana’s biggest draws right now is its revolutionized food scene. One of its most well-known spots currently is Misión 19. Of course this meant that I had to go try this place out, especially since food prices in Tijuana are so much cheaper than in San Diego where I was visiting in the first place.

Walking in, I was kind of intimidated by this place because it was so incredibly fancy! The wait staff were incredibly nice though and my family was able to order from both the Spanish and English menus; and, of course, found entrees that were of interest for each of our individual taste buds. I was most impressed with the different kinds of mini bread varieties they brought around for each individual person to choose, and the free chicarón appetizer they brought out before the meal. Yum! If I ever get a chance to visit this place again though, I’m going to for sure try the set meal multi-course meals, that way I can try even more dishes!

Chicarón appetizer

Bread varieties

Grilled Oysters

Scallop Parfait

Shrimp Medley

Ribeye Steak


Since my parents and grandparents moved away from Massachusetts, I rarely get to see my aunt and uncle who still live there. When they visit San Diego to visit, we usually get to go out and try some amazing food with them because that’s the kind of stuff they enjoy. This past visit, we went to Il Fornaio, which specializes in Italian food. Sometimes I don’t like going to Italian restaurants because I feel like the food is super generic and not that exciting. Il Fornaio turned out to be pretty good even though I’m not sure I choose it as my first San Diego dining option. Here’s a taste of a few items my family ordered!


Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Antipasto di Pesce

Calamaretti Fritti – Calamari

Cannelloni al Forno – Chicken Cannelloni

Ravioli alla Lucana – Spinach Ravioli

Grigliata di Pesce Misto – Seafood Mixed Grill

Agnello al Limone – Lamb Shank