{sf} oysters on mission

August 27, 2016

Recently, I was with some friends who really (randomly) wanted oysters for lunch. We Yelped it and since we happened to be going through the Mission at the time, we decided to give Mission Street Oyster Bar Seafood Restaurant a try. On the weekend, they have oyster happy hour and you can get $2.00 all day long. Since there were five different oysters being feature that day, we (four of us) each tried two of each. It’s always such a great treat to have some cold oysters slide down your throat on a hot summer day! We also tried the crab sandwich, which was the special for the day. The sandwich came with a cup of clam chowder, which I was very unimpressed with, but the sandwich itself had so many large chunks of crab … yum!


Happy Hour Oysters

Oysters on a bed of ice

Crab sandwich with clam chowder

When in San Luis Obispo, eat Old San Luis-style BBQ – makes sense, right?

Well, when my parents and I were visiting San Luis Obispo we thought this made a lot of sense so we decided to give this well-known SLO eatery a try. It actually took us a few minutes to find this place because we saw the sign and then didn’t realize that the order window was actually on the outside of the building. There are a few seats inside but most people, I guess, sit outside to enjoy the nice weather and delicious BBQ. I think what makes Old San Luis BBQ Co. stand out is its BBQ sauce. Personally, I thought it was quite tasty though I’m sure someone who is more BBQ-literate might not agree with me. I guess you’ll have to try this place out for yourself next time you happen to be in SLO!


Order window

Tri-tip Salad

Pit Plate: Tri-tip

Tri-tip sandwich

The eats in Penang are amazing. This is where people go to eat some real Malaysian street food and this is probably the best place I ate in all of Malaysia. The prices were so low and the food so delicious and abundant that I just couldn’t help myself from eating a bit too much! Take a food adventure with me as I reminisce and my taste buds water!

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Indian Samosas – Deliciously fried with savory filling

Indian Samosas – Onions and peppers and such

Indian Samosa – This one was filled with egg!

Naan – Indian fried bread-ish


Cendol – Made with coconut milk, rice flour jelly with green food coloring, shaved ice, palm sugar

Dry noodles

Freshly-pressed pineapple juice!

Seafood noodle soup

While in Penang, my friend who is Malaysian and has spent a lot of time in the city of George Town brought me to a café-esque place called China House. This place is a little bit hidden though I think if you go through the other entrance it’s not as hard to find though no less confusing. We came here for a snack and found the largest assortment of cakes and pies that I’ve ever seen! There were just so many different options I could hardly make a choice! I mean, I have a hard enough time making a decision when there are 5 options let alone 50!

Cakes aren’t the only thing this place has though. China House is actually a compound consisting of three buildings linked by an open air courtyard. According to their website, it comprises 14 spaces including shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries, live museum, and a bakery. So of course they bake all those cakes and pies in house!

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A hidden photo adventure:







{narita} city eats

July 19, 2016

One of the ways Japan is similar with Taiwan is that restaurants along the street will have plastic versions of their food in the windows so as to entice people to go into their restaurant and order their delicious-looking food. This was for sure the case in Narita where there are lots of tourists who don’t speak Japanese and often make their food choices based on what it looks like. I walked by so many food options and had quite a difficult time deciding what to buy. In the end though, time was running short so I bought a cold bento to eat back at the airport. Even though it was cold and not at a nice sit down Japanese restaurant, it was still quite delicious and very filling. Yum! I also really enjoyed buying canned coffee from the coffee vending machines … so much fun!

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A tasty photo adventure:








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