First we learned about winter. Then we learned about spring. Next we learned about summer!

For summer, we read the book But Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner. I liked this book because it focuses on the way summer looks, feels, smells, sounds, and tastes. During the week, we did our typical discussion of character, setting, and sequencing events to retell the story. On Friday, we made our summer mural for our eventual four seasons wall. The students just love making these murals!


Storm clouds

Kids eating ice cream and sunbrellas at the beach

The beach with sunbrellas and sea shells


The first season we learned about in my class this year was winter. Then we moved on to spring. For spring, we read a funny book about a Bear and his friend the Mole. Mole wakes up and realizes that it’s spring. Then we works hard to wake Bear up, but Bear keeps sleeping! He finally decides to make Bear a grand meal to motivate him to wake up. This works and Bear wakes up, but Mole is so worn out from all the hard work that he falls asleep! We also read an informational text about animals in the spring time. Then we brainstormed about what spring looks like. Take a look at our creative mural!

Our spring mural!

Many flowers in the spring time

Eggs in a nest

Rainbow in the sky because of all the rain

[room 209m] break time

March 29, 2018

It’s spring break this week. Last week was one of the toughest, but thinking back to moment like this make it all worth it! Excuse me while I continue to not think about teaching!

This year, I decided to teach about all four seasons: one week per season. The first season we learned about was winter because I was able to easily transition from learning about African American Heritage Month to winter by reading the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. For our winter week, we read The Mitten by Jan Brett and Winter by Ron Hirschi. On Friday, we created a beautiful mural about winter. Take a look!

Our winter mural

In the winter, we play snowball fight.

It is white.

In the winter I drink hot chocolate.

Recently, I’ve turned from just being the kindergarten to second grade special education to having room full of kindergarten through fifth grade students! It’s like a one-room school house up in here! Having much older kids in my room for sure has turned the dynamics a bit. For one, there’s more foul language (which of course I hate, but sometimes you have to choose your battles). Beyond that, ten year olds are a bit different from five year olds and are interested in different things. Granted they do still all love building with wooden blocks and all kinds of silly little kid stuff. The older kids love eating hot chips though and recently (since it’s been raining), they’ve created a hot cheeto eating contest in my room during recess! It’s absolutely ridiculous … but I’ll allow it. Besides, there’s MUCH bigger fish to fry than the hot ships they’re stuffing in their mouths!