[room 209m] speech trees

October 5, 2017

It recently turned from summer to autumn. The speech pathologist at my school and I teamed up on a lesson to teach the students about the activities people do during the summer versus what people do during the fall. It was differentiated so that the students with higher language and functioning wrote their answers on leaves that we hung up on corresponding trees for each of the two seasons. The younger students with lower language abilities used picture icons to decide what they like to do during the fall. It was a fun activity that we got to hang up outside our classroom on the bulletin board for our friends around the school to see. Plus, I love decorating my bulletin board outside my classroom … when I have the time for it!

Bulletin Board outside the classroom


[room 209m] unit planning

September 28, 2017

Latino Heritage Month is September 15 – October 15. At the end of October, my school always holds a huge celebration and multiple assembles to celebration Latino Heritage Month. This year, the theme is IndigenUS. The hope is to look at the ways that various indigenous cultures in Latin America contribute to our lives today. Since we only have about a month to prepare for this big celebration, I decided to focus on the big empires: Inca, Maya, and Aztec. Planning one of these units always take a lot of time and effort, but I love it because I know my students enjoy learning about different cultures and learning more about themselves as well.

Here are books we’re reading for this unit:
Miro in the Kingdom of the Sun by Jane Kurtz
Maria and the Little Llama by Angela Dominguez
The Bravest Flute by Ann Grifalconi
Blue Frog: The Legend of Chocolate by Dianne de Las Casas
The Princess and the Warrior by Duncan Tonatiuh
Whoever You Are by Mem Fox

My desk during unit planning

[room 209m] library trip #2

September 21, 2017

Starting last year, I partnered with one of the kindergarten teachers and we plan a field trip to the public library. Since our school is right within walking distance to the Bernal Heights branch, that’s the one we visit. The children’s librarians down there are very nice and have it all set up so that they read some books to the students then give them a mini tour before they get a chance to find some books they want to read then check out. While one of our classes is inside the library, the other class is outside eating lunch and playing on the giant sand playground next to the library. What fun!

Listening to the library read a book

Reading books they are interested in checking out

Playing after eating lunch

[room 209m] writing stories

September 14, 2017

One of my absolute favorite subjects to teach is writing. I just love seeing the progress that students are able to make from when they start by just tracing their name to writing all kinds of stories, opinion pieces, and informational text. Currently, most of my class is working on writing narratives. I teach them to use temporal words to write their stories: first, then, next, last. As they improve their writing, they move on to six temporal words: first, second, then, next, finally, last. It’s fun to read their stories and I feel like writing is such just an area that all my students are very clearly making progress. Their stories are the best and always so different even if they’re working off the same prompts, which reminds me … I should share some of their stories next time!

Anchor charts

[room 209m] turf grass

August 31, 2017

My urban school never had any grass. My urban school still doesn’t have any grass. But now what we do have is some turf grass. Last year, my school raised money to have one of these things put in so that our kids weren’t playing soccer and having physical education class on the black top all the time. I’m so thankful we got this great field even though it’s the fake stuff! At least it drains well so it doesn’t stay went from the morning and dew and there’s less involved in terms of upkeep. So far (in the past week) the kids have all been pretty respectful, too, which is great. So excited to see what’s to come with this great new field we have!

Turf grass field