{sf} operation coin-op

May 15, 2017

Did you know that on the last Sunday of the month you can throw away the fact that you’re an adult and go play all the old school arcade games you want for free?!? Yup, well at Coin-Op Game Room San Francisco, this is quite the reality. Now, let’s be honest, I didn’t step foot into a single arcade until like the two times this happened in college, but I hear that arcades were huge back when kids walked around with quarters in their pockets, inserted them into machines, and then engaged in some game for a few minutes until they lost and had to try again. Games like Street Fighter and Pac-Man were big during these times and going to Coin-Op it was pretty amazing to see all these adults (you have to 21+ since it’s essentially a bar with local and California beers on tap) get really into racing each other, throwing basketballs to try and beat the record, and shoot at the bad guys. And for sure it’s better when it’s free, right?

An operational photo adventure:



Announced the company-wide email,
What seems like a holiday season’s holy grail.
Ho, ho, ho, (your company name)’er,
Reserve this time on your calendar.

“Holiday party planning by company elves.”
Games and contests to amuse ourselves.
Gifts and prizes, and something big,
A visit by the company bigwig.

For a chance to get out of the cubicle maze.
We’ll even tolerate the potluck craze,
Food is, of course, the main attraction.
Diet? Well, that’s in my new year’s resolution!

Naturally, there is the obligatory clue,
“A surprise appearance by guess who!”
Never knew the Guess Who was old St. Nick.
Must be Santa’s many special appearance trick.

One company booked a harbor cruise.
Beholding USS Midway from the ocean views.
Another hosted a formal attired dinner function.
Spouses were invited for a family celebration.

A favorite is the holiday gift exchange.
The Secret Santa idea seems a bit strange.
Buy a present for, not your loved ones,
But someone you don’t know or think derange.

The Yankee Swap is always fun.
Woe to the one who draws number one.
Everyone’s present can be swapped away at any time.
Never count on what you think you’ve won.

A voice of plead from the cubicle farm.
Forget the special appearance and the bigwig charm.
Ditch the cruise and the extravagances.
Distribute that expenses as special bonuses.

Just feed us and send us home, satiated.
We’ll come back next year, re-invigorated.
Ready to execute and deliver,
For an even bigger celebration next year.


{phx} all-in-one party

February 8, 2010

Superbowl XLIV Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints was last night’s excuse for a little party with lots of friends.

There was tons of party food …

… and delicious hot dogs and brats.

But it turned into a graduation, farewell, birthday and Superbowl party. Complete with yummy cake made by Stephanie of nomnom…Cupcake!

Contragulations on your graduation Kendall!
Farewell, Caren, we’ll miss you!

Happy birthday Jacob and Jerad!

{phx} showering a bride

November 22, 2009

I went to a bridal shower yesterday. The bride’s sister (the maid of honor) and mother hosted the lovely event. They invited everyone over for tea and scones, but, of course, there was way more than just tea and scones.

The bride and groom are getting married right before Christmas and the reception is at the Phoenix Art Museum. How awesome is that?


Asian groceries game

Really yummy food


Shower favors

I live right next door (or just down the street) to Steele Indian School park where phx had its big Fourth of July celebration just a few days ago. So it made sense for people to gather at my place before the fireworks to avoid getting drowned in masses of people and not being able to find parking. And since I love decorating, I tried finding all the red, white and blue things I could to make the very empty (due to complete lack of furniture) apartment more festive. There was silver and red ribbon, a silver snowflake that I deemed a firework, a red vase but nothing blue! Good thing I remembered I still had some blue construction paper and a couple of chopsticks and wa-laa! out came some decorations. There were even some reddish raspberry vanilla cupcakes. Yum!

Some of my Fourth of July party decorations made using chopsticks.

Look at that huge mister at the park! The ground was sopping wet!

Fireworks are great!