Living in New York City, I’ve gone to the MET a good number of times for school purposes. Recently, as an Orientation Leader at my school, I brought a number of new students to the MET and although I wasn’t super excited to take another hike uptown to get to the MET, I was excited to finally get to see Rei Kawakubo’s exhibit.

Rei Kawakubo is a Japanese fashion designer who founded the brand Comme des Garçons. Her exhibit was called “Art of the In-Between” and it showcased many of the interesting pieces that she has created throughout the decades that she has been designing.

Her pieces are known for being incredibly unique and she has opened up a whole new style of fashion designing. As a fashion design student myself, it was definitely an interesting exhibit and I appreciate Rei Kawakubo and the work that she has done.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit:



What’s with Donald Trump’s long ties?

Some may call the long tie – quaint (OK, maybe just New Englanders). But, this one during the inauguration, seems to have jumped beyond even the quaint zone.

If you like your tie long, you would think a tie clip should help. But, no, Donald has a much more economical way – how about some scotch tape!




Apparently, Trump is continuing to use the scotch tape. Here (left below), he is walking with grandchildren across the White House lawn. And, no, he is not just limited to taping the tie down. How about taping them together.

If he can only issue and Executive Order banning windy days.

Interestingly, Trump did not always wear his tie long. As late as 2005, Trump is shown with tie at somewhat normal length.

Trump 1984                               2005 with Apprentice (4th season) winner Randal Pinkett

My sister is a fashion design student at Parsons. For one of her current projects, she wanted to take inspiration from children so she Skyped into my class and asked my students to do some drawings for her. She asked them three things and here are some of their best work. I thought they turned out so awesome!

1. How do you feel?

2. Draw a creature that you want to spend time with (a monster friend).

3. Draw a creature that you are scared of (a scary monster).

{nyc} the museum @ FIT

November 18, 2013


As you might have gathered, I spent a lot of time doing as many free things as possible during my Fall Break in New York City. Since this place tends to suck all your money away, I thought spending as little money as possible on entertainment was a fun goal. On BuzzFeed’s Free Stuff to do Everyday in NYC article, they happened to mention that the Museum at FIT is always free to the public. FIT is the Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York.

My pictures from this interesting adventure suck because you’re not technically allowed to take pictures in any of the exhibits. The exhibits were truly interesting though. The first exhibit I gawked at was RetroSpective. This collection of articles of clothing explored the idea that there is a universal tendency to borrow from the past and what we see on the runway today was likely on the runway at some point in the past. It’s no wonder “retro” is the buzz word these days. The second exhibit I was able to visit was called A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk. This was a super interesting exhibit that explored, in-depth, the significant contributions to fashion made by LBGTQ individuals over the past 300 years. There were certainly some extremely interesting outfits on display in this exhibit!

Welcome to the Museum @ FIT!


A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk

Being intrested in fashion (and having finished all my homework for the night) my friend and I decided to take one night to go to a fashion show that was being held by students in local high school fashion classes. By the way … this actually happened last month. 🙂

We bought our tickets at the door and then walked to the theatre where the show was being held. Our tickets were ripped and as I walked in, different colored lights were lighting up the stage and loud music was playing. I looked around and to my surprise, the seats were all filled! The teacher of the fashion class and emcees came out and introduced that the different students would be modeling clothes that they had got from local stores and made alterations to. The student models came out one by one, some walking with confidence while some did not.  It was a fun experience and I can’t wait to take the class in high school next year!

Fashion class teacher

Student models

Event program

Admission ticket