A couple weeks back, the weather was really nice here in new haven! It was consistently 60-70s for an entire week. There has also been plenty of rain recently so it was the perfect combination for the flowers to bloom! I saw so many pretty flowers while walking around the Yale campus. The pictures do not do the flowers justice. It was so nice to have it feel like spring … at least temporarily … cause now its back to 40 degree weather =( oh east coast.

A spring flower photo adventure:

Recently, I went on a beautiful waterfall hike in Mount Tamalpais Watershed, which I know is not in San Francisco, but I mean, who knows where the actual town of Bolinas is? I’m guessing not that many people. In any case, because the Bay Area has experienced so much rainfall this winter, many of the most popular waterfall trails actually have beautiful waterfalls this spring. One of these waterfalls in Carson Falls. While not a significant hike in terms of length (nor is it that strenuous really), the trek out to Mount Tamalpais Watershed is worth it because the first part of the trail might just be along fire roads, but once you reach the wooded section, it’s looks and smells beautiful. You hear the water well before you reach the falls themselves and actually you end up near the top and then can continue along the trail to see the different levels or layers or pools that all come together to create Carson Falls. So beautiful! Be sure to also keep your eyes out for Yellow-Legged Frogs that are only found in two places in the entire world, one of which is around Carson Falls!

A layered photo adventure: