I had never gone to a Michelin Star restaurant before so when my sister and I found out that there was one in Adams Morgan that wasn’t extremely expensive, we decided to try it. Tail Up Goat serves Mediterranean-style food and island-inspired drinks. The menu there changes regularly so it’s pointless to share with you all the specific dishes and their names, but just know that the appetizers were phenomenal! The first dish that came out was probably the best and the rest of the appetizers equally amazing, but we were not as impressed with the mains, which was a bit disappointing. Perhaps they were just normal instead of amazing, but come on, at a Michelin Star restaurant shouldn’t everything be amazing?!? They did redeem themselves during dessert though! Yum!

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{dc} the little beet

July 14, 2018

The Little Beet is one of those fancy build your own salad places that’s super popular right now. In fact, it’s not just build-your-own salads that are popular. There’s burrito places, pizza places, poke places, and the list goes on and on. People like having a say over what they order and eat. A The Little Beet, there were a bunch of different options in terms of greens, toppings, protein, and dressing. I was super impressed with the flavors and thought that if I lived in D.C. (or wherever else they have this chain), I would definitely come here regularly.

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A capital photo adventure:

{dc} the pretzel bakery

July 10, 2018

The first place I ate at while in Washington D.C. was The Pretzel Bakery, located not too far away from where my sister is living. I wanted to try this place out because it seemed like such a unique idea that I had never heard of before. Of course I’m not just talking about a restaurant/cafe that only serves pretzels (which they do and I’m sure are great). The point, is that they’ve taken pretzels and upped their status. Even though it was a lot, I had to try both the Breakfast Sliders (bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything pretzel roll) and the Pretzel Bomb (Nutella-filled, sweet pretzel roll topped with house-made glaze and a kiss of salt). Let me just say … this must be what pretzel heaven is like!

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A capital photo adventure:

Yesterday, I was headed home from my cat-sitting location and quite literally ran into the SF Jazz Festival. I had heard that it was happening, but totally forgot about it so was quite surprised to find that my transfer bus was not running! Since my second bus ride isn’t too long and the weather was quite lovely, I was able to make the walk no problem instead of trying to look for the detour stop. Since I was in the area anyway, I decided to give the Jazz Festival a listen. As it turns out, there were actually a number of stages going on at the same time and even though you could hear many of them at once no matter where you were standing, none of it created a headache situation. All the sounds worked well together. I was also quite delighted to find that the famous Jamaican food truck Scotch Bonnet was at the festival so I couldn’t resist getting myself an Ox-Tail Plate. Yum!

Food stands

Arts and crafts stands

The music

Scotch Bonnet

Ox-Tail Plate – pricy, but delicious and filling

Since I’ve been staying in the Richmond recently (due to cat-sitting), I’ve been trying to take advantage of the time and explore this area as much as possible. After some Yelp and other research, I found that the best Dim Sum around my current location is from Good Luck Dim Sum. It’s a super nondescript and very uninspired store front with an aged posted menu but that says nothing about the food that they serve. Most of the dim sum they serve is to go though they do have some seating available. Upon reaching the counter, you can either order from their menu by circling what you want or just point and they’ll fill a container for you. I took my order home and ate it over the course of a day since it was so much food for so cheap! My only complaint that some of the wrappers/peels of the dim sums were a bit too thick and chewy compared to what I’m used to and prefer. Other than that, the flavors were great and I am totally planning on going back again. For sure I will bring my container back with me so I don’t get charged $0.20 again!

The options

The ordering counter

The delicious dimsum!