It’s random to think that Sacramento would have amazing Hawaiian food, but Coconut’s Fish Cafe has a location in Sacramento and this was hands down the best food I had in all of Sacramento! While I’m sure all the ingredients in my fish tacos and poke bowl were very fresh and all that stuff, it was really the flavors in all their sauces that blew me away! Like the mayo sauce in their coleslaw, that was the most delicious coleslaw I had ever eaten; and the mango salsa covering my fish tacos that were clearly not meant to be eaten with hands that made each bite so amazing I literally just went to Hawaii a few months ago and did not have food this amazing there. Apparently I only have to go to Sacramento to get amazing Hawaiian food!


Poke Bowl with delicious wasabi sauce

Fish Tacos

{new haven} zinc

June 14, 2017

My mom and part of my family were here on the east coast last week, and since it was close to my mother’s 60th birthday, we decided to take her out to a nice restaurant in downtown New Haven. I have walked by this restaurant called Zinc countless times before – always looked a bit fancy for me. But since it was a special occasion, we decided to try it out! There are now many farm-to-table type restaurants now, but Zinc had a special twist on this – they also had a fusion-like concept. Everything we ordered was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and tasted great! Sometimes at nice restaurants, they are skimpy on their portions, however zinc offered perfectly sized portions of food. They change up the menu every so often, and I will definitely be back to try more of this delicious goodness!

Asian fusion – dan dan noodles

Indian fusion – paneer dish

Perfectly raw tuna

Perfectly cooked salmon

Black cod with mussels

They also gave us a free appetizers – flatbread with a sort of Asian vinegette dipping sauce.

I think one of the best meals I had in Sacramento was out of a food truck – the Culinerdy Cruzer. This little (big) truck has some very neat food options including unique names for every menu item like Hulk Fries, Damnit Jim! Burger, and Cowboy Burger. The best, though, is the Dirty Balls, which are really flash fried brussels sprouts topped with cojita cheese, cilantro, crispy onions, citrus aioli, and crispy jalapeños. I was a little worried about the texture of the brussels sprouts since they were going to be flash fried and not roasted like my favorite brussel sprouts, but they were actually quite tender and oh-so-delicious! What an amazing meal!


Amazing Corn Burger with Fries

Dirty Balls (brussels sprouts)

Recently I went on a weekend trip to Sacramento. Sacramento, seriously? Well, yes, only because it does happen to be the capital of California (even though everyone including me forgets that) and its metro area does have quite a large population. Besides, I had never gone to Sacramento before (beyond driving through) so I thought it would be a nice little trip.

One of my first stops in Sacramento was Bacon & Butter. This farm-to-table cafe is known for its seasonal menu that changes regularly, but most importantly for their Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict. I was really excited for this brunch because Bacon & Butter is supposed to be such a hot place in Sacramento. I thought the concept of having a Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict, was so unique, but in the end I was kind of disappointed. There just seemed to be an overall lack of flavor! This was true for their most famous Eggs Benedict, but also the potatoes that came along with them (even though the texture on the potatoes was great). The breaded chicken tenders on the Chicken & Waffle, was also just really plain. What a disappointment! At least the roasted strawberry and rhubarb that came with the latter dish was decent, flavor wise.

Having waited almost an hour to get seated at this place, and then waiting quite a while for our food, too, I was a bit disappointed with the entire affair, which is too bad because there were literally people waiting outside that they don’t wait in lines for brunch, but Bacon & Butter is their one exception!


Brunch menu options

Chicken & Waffle

Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict

San Juan has been such a wonderful adventure not just for the soul, but the stomach as well. I’ve tried so many delicious foods from fresh fish, bacalaitos (cod fritters), empanadillas (turnovers), lechón asado (barbecued pig), tostones, pastelón (like a lasagna), rice with black beans, and the famous mofongo. And of course to drink there are plenty of mojitos and piña coladas. What a feast! What an adventure Puerto Rico has been!

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A San Juan photo adventure: