My parents live very  close to Torrey Pines State Reserve and even though I’ve visited them many times, I never got around to visiting until this most recent father-daughter solo stay-cation. On Saturday, we decided to hike as many of the trails in the reserve as possible. This turned out to be a little bit of a difficult task because parking on a Saturday morning at the beach (outside the reserve) is quite impacted. After about half an hour and quite a bit of luck, we lucked out with a parking spot.

Then we were able to make it into the reserve. I think the hardest part was walking along to rode to the summit until we got to where most of the trails were. I like how most of the them start from the summit and head down. Eventually you can even get down to the ocean. Many people go all the way down to the beach and then walk back to their cars along the beach. We decided against that in favor of going back toward some trails we had missed on the way up, but what fun! The only surprising thing was the lack of actual Torrey Pines in the Reserve!

A piney-photo adventure:


Right after the regular 2017-18 school year ended in San Francisco, I flew out of there for vacation! That’s actually only a slight lie. I did leave right away, but I’m also back to school on Monday to teach Summer School. In any case, my first summer stop was San Diego to visit my dad. My mom happened to be in Chicago with my sister so this was a father-daughter stay-cation. We had fun events planned each day. On the first day, after grabbing lunch with my grandfather, my dad and I went on a short but extremely steep hike on Annie’s Canyon Trail. I have literally never been on such a narrow hike where even just a slightly larger person literally would not have fit! Much of it was also extremely steep, which required metal ladder steps at the end, because it would have just been impossible to scramble up to the top of the canyon. What a treacherous 0.25 miles it was!

A narrowly steep photo adventure:

Over the weekend, San Francisco’s weather was #onpoint. In fact, it was just beautiful (until later Sunday afternoon when it started getting windy again). To take advantage of the beautiful weather, I went on a drive down to the coast to Pacifica. There, you can find lots of short hikes and beaches. The relatively short Mori Point hike is #onpoint and takes you to a beautiful vista point of the coastline. Thoughts on just how #onpoint this hike, the vista, and this hashtag is? Hahaha!

An #onpoint photo adventure:

Over Memorial Day weekend, I went on a much needed camping and hiking trip to the San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area. I was so nice to just get away from everything, not have to worry about being in contact with people, and just enjoying nature. Even though the camping wasn’t amazing (like in the Redwood forest or anything), the trees were still plentiful in the area we were staying, the water was close by, and the air was fresh. We tried to go on a couple of hikes, which weren’t too successful due to a horrible amounts of dried wheat everywhere, but all in all, a great time!

A hiker’s photo adventure:

{scotland} holyrood views

February 19, 2018

Holyrood happens to be the Queen’s official Scottish residence. It’s on the eastern side of Edinburgh and even though the Queen didn’t happen to be visiting when I was there, it was still fun to see her Scottish palace through the iron gates.

Beyond the royal residence, there’s also a huge park that makes up the Holyrood area. Edinburgh gets quite cold in the winter and climbing all the way up the hill in the center of Holyrood Park to Arthur’s Seat can be quite treacherous. In fact, I watched people that were not prepared for the snow and ice slip down to their own dismay. Despite the cold and ice, I did manage to make it to the top and was rewarded with a great view of the city including Edinburgh Castle, located about a mile away. I just love urban hiking!

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A Scottish photo adventure: