I really like reading autobiographies so when I came across Decision Points by George W. Bush, I decided to give it a whirl. I ended up really enjoying reading it because it was at up a bit differently than other presidential autobiographies. In his book, W doesn’t go through his entire life or even his entire presidency. In fact, he focuses on a number of important big issues/events/decisions he made leading up to and during his presidency. He focused on one big decision per chapter. Interestingly, my favorite chapter was the first one during which he talked about essentially going to being an alcoholic (though perhaps not completely addicted) to quitting completely. I never knew! And I had that type of “wow, I had no idea!” moments throughout the entire book. It made me realize how human presidents are.


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Read about our other Belizean adventures: belize city firstsbermudian landing baboonsbermudian landing eats

For my birthday, I got an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. This was very exciting because I am a big fan of reading and even though I just love having real books, they get really heavy when I’m traveling. Now I have the ability to bring my travel reading to a whole new level with my birthday present!

I especially like that with my Kindle, I can borrow and read books (all the while not having to carry them around ever), which gives me the ability to read all kinds of crazy things even if I’m not so sure I’ll like it. One of these random reads was Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea. by Chelsea Handler.

I hadn’t actually heard of Chelsea Handler before, since I clearly live under a rock, but I assumed she was a comedian. It turns out I was correct, surprise, surprise. I do love the way she writes (even if a bit crude at times) because it’s like a running train of thought that tells all kinds of stories that have happened to her. Of course these types of books always sell because people are generally nosy and like hearing about other people’s lives. It makes sense really. Because most of the time, the most ridiculous stories in our lives you can’t even make up! Like the time she went to Puerto Rico with her dad. Or the time she got into a real street fight after taking kick boxing classes. Hahahahaha … I just couldn’t stop laughing. You’ll have to read it yourself though!