[good reads] freedom

December 10, 2017

Recently, my friend recommended Freedom by Jonathan Franzen to me. I generally like to take  up my friends’ book recommendations because that’s the best way to find new books to read! This particular friend likes to read more science fiction, which I don’t particularly enjoy so I was a bit hesitant, but it turns out that this book he recommended is not science fiction at all. In fact, it’s just a fiction book about a family written in various voices in the point of view of the various important characters in the book including Patty, Walter, Joey, and Richard Katz. Patty is the main character who is married to Walter but has been in love with Katz since college when they met through a creepy mutual friend: Eliza. Joey is Patty and Walter’s son. They also have a daughter who is like Walter’s clone, but female. Things were great in Patty and Walter’s marriage until Joey moves out and everything falls apart! What a crazy book! It’s definitely a must read even if it rambles a bit, especially when it’s written in the voice of Patty who goes from crazy highs to crazy depressive states throughout the book.

foto friday: {sf} 3d wall

November 10, 2017