On a recent travel to the upstate New York region, we encountered this warning sign. It actually contains quite a bit of information about prevention. In any case it got everyone’s attention. We have all heard the term Lyme Disease. What exactly is it? Should we keep away from outdoor activities and protect ourselves by covering everything up like this?

Lyme Disease is caused by a bacterium transmitted by tiny blacklegged ticks. If left untreated, the infection could spread to the joints, the heart and the nervous system. Fortunately, most cases of Lyme Disease can be treated successfully by a few weeks of antibiotics regiment.

Also, luckily, the early sign of a Lyme Disease tick bite is very distinct. The medical term is erythema migrans. It manifests as an expanding annular rash on your skin, centered around the tick bite. If you don’t see such circular rash on your skin, you’re probably safe.

[good reads] belize

June 11, 2017

This summer, I decided to go on a trip to Belize! Belize isn’t the cheapest country in Central America, but the vast majority of Central America is just so cheap that not “as cheap” doesn’t mean that much. Since I’ll also be going during the summer, most things will likely be cheaper because summer is their low season. You might be wondering why summer is Belize’s low season. This is because Belize (like most more tropical locations) only experiences two season: wet and dry. Summer is their wet season. I was a bit worried when I found this out and, yes, perhaps the water won’t be as clear for scuba diving, but it really only showers hard during the night and sometimes at certain times of day, which can be easily avoided. Plus, low season means fewer tourists and cheaper prices!

The biggest attraction in Belize is its Blue Hole Natural Monument (a giant hole in the ocean). It also has beautiful cayes, Mayan ruins, and lots of jungles for some fun jungle trekking. I’m also super excited to relax in the towns of San Ignacio and Hopkins; and, of course, visit the baboon sanctuary near Belize City. Who knew there were so many exciting adventures packed into a space the size of New Hampshire?!?

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