You have a bucket already, why get another container for soda? That restaurant management may not agree.

On the other hand, maybe he just want his fried chicken marinated with soft drink. That appears to be a clear drink. From KFC’s website, their clear drink is Sierra Mist. Just call it misty fried chicken. He is just making a customer suggestion, to the management!

Wait! That’s not actually a KFC, but some burger place??

That looks like a Burger King or maybe McDonald’s poster. However, both of those serve Coca Cola, not Pepsi. Supposedly, these restaurants serve Pepsi. None has a burger poster like that.

Maybe it’s the old defunct Gino’s – a fast food joint that combines KFC with a burger place.

In any case, this is a guy filling up his KFC bucket with soda, at another burger joint? That restaurant management may not quite see it as genius.

Although from the fuzzy letters on wall sign, this may not be in U.S. Maybe there, it’s customary to use KFC bucket for soda. Maybe there, it already offers “Misty Fried Chicken.” Maybe there, they don’t wear any fast food chain uniform, he is just a restaurant worker flushing out the soda machine. Nice try, but busted!

Who knew that picture offers so much information and intrigue?


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KFC offering $10K ‘Internet Escape Pod’ ahead of Cyber Monday

KFC’s Internet Escape Pod, looks like a tent with Colonel Sanders spread on top (that’s actually a bit creepy), is designed to block all Internet signals from coming to or from your devices. It will save you from being bombarded by unwanted Cyber Monday emails, social media posts, so you can have an uninterrupted KFC meal.

You may well ask, is that the best way to promote KFC meal? And, you may be surprised by what other non-chicken merchandises KFC sells.

Behold the KFC romance novel! KFC released an 83-page romance novella titled “Tender Wings of Desired,” before Mother’s Day (2017).

How about fried-chicken scented sunscreen.   According to KFC

Get it?   Extra crispy hence the sunscreen – yeah, very tenuous connection, if any.

KFC is full service when it comes to delivering to you that KFC aroma. How about fried-chicken scented candle?

Make sure that aroma just emanates from you all over – fried-chicken scented bath bomb.

So that, you and those around you will feel like being in a KFC, no matter where you go, 24-hours a day.

KFC lives up to its “Finger lickin’ good” slogan with edible nail polish

The Finger Lickin’ Good nail polish comes in two signature KFC flavors.

  • Original Recipe – a light taupe with brown sparkles,
  • Hot & Spicy – a fire engine red with deep maroon sparkles.

It’s designed to keep customers suckin’ and lickin’ long after their meal is over.

All this is enough to prompt one of the article to comment, “when it will become even more apparent that the executives at KFC have lost all interest in selling us chicken anymore.”