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One of my absolute favorite movies in the entire world is The Princess Bride. I don’t remember when I watched it for the first time, but I’ve watched it probably a dozen times since then and I still love it. Little did I know, the movie is based on a book! I’m not sure why this surprised me so much!

The Princess Bride by William Goldman is a bit different from the movie, but nonetheless a great read. For once, I actually enjoyed the movie more than the book! This is a rare occurrence. In the movie, a grandfather is reading a book (the movie) to a young boy. The book is not like this at all. In fact, it’s more like a manuscript with which the author explains to you why parts of the original book are no longer included because the original goes on and on and on about the history of the two cities that hate each other so much. Buttercup and Westley are pawns in the feud between the two sides. This is true in the movie as well, I suppose. It’s perhaps also because I’ve seen the movie so many times that throughout the book, whenever it included a part not in the movie, I had a hard time imagining the scene. What a fail I was in reading this book! If only I had read it first then seen the movie!

I have often wondered wonder why some branches of a tree are apparently very dead, other branches are alive and well. Yet, both dead and live branches trace to the same larger branch.

Searching online, you’ll find explanations such as, maybe that side of the tree is front facing to a harsh winter, or the tree was injured, or disease killed one side. Here, in southern California, there is no harsh winter. I guess, injury and disease are certainly possible.

Maybe the reason is simply unknown. Something interesting I discovered, when clearing the yard. I happened to cut through some of the branches that supported both dead and live branches downstream.

Half of those branch’s core appears dry and dead. Only those branches supplied by the living half, are getting water and nutrients ?