{sf} love n haight this deli

December 30, 2017

There’s a rather nondescript place just 3 blocks from where I live that I had never even thought about going in until one recent weekend. The main reason is because it’s just advertised as a deli and you generally think, well, how exciting can your sandwiches really be? Probably not that exciting. It turns out that I was quite wrong! This place offered so many vegetarian and vegan options I was taken aback by all the things they offer that don’t actual include real meat. I’m not talking about tuna fish here. I’m talking about smoked fish, chicken, beef, and snow fish – all vegan. What?!? I call that crazy and not even super expensive. What a gem that’s just been sitting in plain site!


Vegan snow fish and vegan smoked duck


{sf} hot, hot zushi sushi

November 18, 2017

I love the fact that there’s a sushi place right near where I live in Lower Haight. Oddly enough, even though I’ve lived here for awhile and even though I highly enjoy this place being here, I hadn’t visited Hot Zushi until just recently for a late-night dinner one night. I was surprised to find that this place had tons of sushi options including some non-traditional creations and combinations including roasted pumpkins for all the vegan San Franciscans out there. I realized later on that I think this is the place one of my former roommates got sushi all the time. Now I can see why! This place is delicious, and not only that, super affordable. I am definitely coming back to try more options that I didn’t get a chance to savor this time!

A zushi sushi photo adventure:

Powder is a relatively new cold dessert place that’s popped up on Divisadero close to where I live. They describe themselves as ice cream meets shaved ice. This is actually not a new phenomenon in Asia, in fact, “ice cream” or “snow” in Taiwan is like this and it’s been like this forever! In fact, snow is the perfect name for it because it really does have the texture of powdery snow and that was actually the name of a dessert place in Phoenix that I used to frequent to get my dessert fix when I lived there.

I was super excited to visit this place and happened to win three gift cards (totaling $33) so I knew I was going to have plenty of opportunities to try this place out! I like how they have some options that are pre-created for you in terms of combinations and then you can also create your own. The first time I visited, I tried their Big Easy combination that includes Vietnamese coffee “snow”. The second time, I tried a combination with Horchata “snow”. Yum, yum, yum! I can’t wait to go back again and continue using my gift cards. Haha!


Many options

Big Easy

I had no idea that one of the best ramen places in the entire city of San Francisco is just two blocks from my apartment! I mean, I’ve seen Iza Ramen before and saw that there was often a line out front, but never realized how important it is in the San Francisco ramen scene. I was really excited to walk into this place the other day and not have to wait to be seated. The ramen came out pretty quickly and I knew right away that it was going to be delicious because the smells were ravishing. Of course the spiciness level was just right, the fatty pork was deliciously fatty and not over done, the egg was perfect, and the noodles had just the right amount of bite. What a delicious bowl of noodles! I’m in love!


Spicy Iza Ramen

Vegetarian Miso Ramen

My sister currently lives in Philadelphia. I never got a chance to visit her there during this past year while she’s been living there, but a couple of years ago when I did visit Philadelphia, I got a chance to eat some delicious cheesesteaks. My other sister also got a chance to eat some cheesesteaks during her trip to Philadelphia a couple of years ago, too. Little did I know it, there’s a delicious cheesesteak place two blocks away from where I currently live in Lower Haight. Metro Caffe has both burgers and cheesesteaks, including a bunch of different varieties to their cheesesteaks. I tried the Hogie version because it came with mayo, tomato, and lettuce along with the grilled onions and sweet and hot peppers. The fries were average, but the cheesesteak itself was just delicious! Yum!


Proud of SF on the art wall

Hogie Cheesesteak