{sf} a hall for food

November 13, 2017

While walking around the Mission District one evening, we happened upon an interesting place. It’s like a grocery store, but super fancy. I suppose it’s what I think of Europe having in terms of fancy little markets where you can pick up all your fancy needs like fresh cut flowers, bottles of wine, wedges of stinky cheese, and even some fresh fruit. In the end, I’m not sure why I was so intrigued by this place, maybe because it was set up so strange to me. Most of the mini markets here in San Francisco are cramped, small, and pretty dingy. This place was really big, brights, and airy. The whole experience was strange to me. Food Hall also serves some cooked foods and coffee at their counter too. For sure I wouldn’t ever buy anything here since it’s super expensive, but it’s still fun to walk around!

A city market photo adventure:


There was an interesting pop-up restaurant located inside a bar/pub in the Mission District that I had had my eye on for awhile. I was a little hesitant though because while some of the reviews talked about FOB Kitchen (a Filipino kitchen) being quite the delicious place to eat, other reviews made it clear that it was just not that special. I was disappointed to find that the latter reviews were accurate (at least for me). While I really wanted to love the Veggie Lumpia, Charred Eggplant Omelet, and Idaho Red Trout, I ended up barely liking them. In fact, most of it was fairly bland (except for the salads that came with the main courses). Of course, it’s possible that the meat dishes at FOB are better, but I didn’t end up ordering them so I am aware that my thoughts are probably a bit skewed. Nevertheless, I expected more from FOB Kitchen!


Veggie Lumpia

Charred Eggplant Omelet

Idaho Red Trout

{sf} viet fusion @ mau, part 2

September 17, 2017

I’ve been in Mau before. In fact, I really enjoy eating at Mau so sometimes on special occasions, I’ll have the chance to visit. The worst part abou Mau is the parking around the Mission (if you happen to be driving). The best part about it is the food! Recently I’ve found that I really enjoy tamarind so we decided to order the Tamarind Prawns. They accidentally brought us out the Gulf Prawns Claypot, too, though so that was an added bonus! Of course, the Chả Cả Lá Vọng was as delicious and refreshing as it always is with its turmeric catfish, dill, bean sprouts, cucumber, pickled veg, fresh herbs, peanuts, vermicelli, lettuce, and shrimp-paste sauce! Yum!

Gulf Prawns Claypot

Tamarind Prawns

Of course my sister and my food/drink adventures did not end at Virgil’s Sea Room. We then decided to go get some pizza and/or Indian food. Confused? It’s confusing. Also located on the edge of the Mission and Bernal Heights, there’s this interesting walk-in restaurant called Zante Pizza that serves Indian food, regular pizza, and Indian Pizza. Yes, I’m serious. They boast that their Indian Pizza has a naan-like crust as well as Indian toppings. We ordered “The Best Indian Pizza” with meat (lamb, chicken, and prawns). Clearly the lamb, chicken, and prawns were a bit lacking, but overall the flavor of this inspired pizza was quite food. If only the crust were even more naan-like though!


Pizza and/or Indian?!?

The Best Indian Pizza

My sister was in town recently and we met up for some margaritas at Virgil’s Sea Room. Located on the edge of the Mission an Bernal Heights, this local bar is popular though very low-key compared to its neighbors, which often have people streaming in and out. The very best thing about Virgil’s is that one Tuesdays, they offer $2 margaritas! We didn’t happen to be there on a Tuesday so we weren’t so lucky, but during regular happy hour all margaritas and mules are only $5 anyway.