For once, I actually took my students to a place where they liked the main attraction more than everything else! What I mean is, they usually just enjoy looking at water features. It’s literally their favorite feature of any field trip even if the water has nothing to do with the actual field trip. This time though, we went to the California Academy of Science where it’s all about the water and nature! They loved it! Since we’ve gone every year since I’ve started teaching in San Francisco and many of the students have been with me that many years, they already knew what to expect and what to look for. It was great!

A watery photo adventure:


{dc} museum of the bible

February 14, 2018


Washington DC is home to many world-class museums! Although I have been living in DC for several months now, I have yet to make it to most of these museums. A couple weeks ago, however, a friend and I visited The Museum of the Bible, which opened only a few months ago.

Although The Museum of the Bible is privately owned, and a part of the expansive Smithsonian Institute, there is also no mandatory admission fee. It follows a pay-what-you-wish model, with $15 being the suggested donation for adults.

The name may make it sound like this is only a museum for Christians or religious people, but this is far from the truth. The three main floors cover the History of the Bible, interactive depictions of Bible stories, and the influence of the Bible. Take a look!

On the top floor was a special artist’s exhibit showing modern day illuminations of Biblical text

Just a few of the many different versions of the Bible in use across the world today

A room showing all the languages into which the Bible has been translated in whole or in part (left side) and a yellow book (right side) representing all the world’s languages into which a Bible translation has not yet been started

A life-size recreation of what Nazareth would have looked like in Jesus’ time! This exhibit was really fun to walk around and explore

We were there for more than 4 hours and didn’t even get to the First Floor (which talked about the Bible’s influence) or the basement exhibits! I guess I’ll have to go back sometime soon!

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Earlier this week, my class went on a great field trip. This is one I had never done before and it actually turned out really well! We went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The first part of the “tour” was a lesson in the gallery where we looked at various paintings. Then we back into the classroom and they made their own versions of what they saw. Their art pieces actually turned out really well. I was impressed!

Gallery talk

Look at those colors!

So many art pieces to look at!

Student A

Student B

Student C

Student D

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is an incredible personal collection of art pieces all collected by one person — namely Isabella Stewart Gardner. What clearly comes through throughout this original plus added on modern building is that the woman really cared about art and wanted to make sure it was showcased in the best way possible. She personally decided where lights and plants would be to better frame each picture. It’s even part of the agreement that nothing can be moved from the original locations that she left everything in! That’s pretty intense, but totally worth it considering the amazing collection here that we are now able to see! The courtyard is especially beautiful!

A personal photo adventure:


Greetings from the nation’s capital! I’ve only been living in DC for about three months, so there are a million places I haven’t yet visited, but one thing I do appreciate about the city is how many attractions are free to visit!

One such free attraction is the U.S. Botanic Garden. I visited a couple weeks ago when a friend was in town, and lucky for us, they had a special temporary exhibit running for the holiday season called Roadside Attractions. It was really cool and I would definitely recommend it! Take just a

As you see here in the entrance to the exhibit, Roadside Attractions takes you on a mini road trip through the US to see some famous landmarks that appear along the roadside, except in this case, the landmarks are miniature and made completely out of plant products! There was also a fun little model train that runs along the room on the plant-made tracks overhead.

A small version of the Niagara Falls in New York, as well as the Peachoid Water Tower in Alabama!

A model of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, and the apparently famous Mr. Potato Head of Rhode Island!

This was definitely my favorite! Having just seen the real-life “Blue Whale” on Route 66 while driving through Oklahoma a few months ago, which I blogged about in October, it was so fun to see the miniature version. It was a very accurate re-creation!

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