At the top of the Mosaic Stairs at 16th Avenue in the Inner Sunset District is Grand View Park. I had never heard of this park before or bothered to notice it in Google Maps because it’s so small, but I’m glad that once I got to the stop of the Mosaic Stairs that there were even more stairs to climb to get me to the top of this hill-top park! Oh my … what grand views there are from the top of Grand View Park! Even though the air was smoggy and ashy from the wildfires up north, I could see the entire city from up here!

Stairs leading to the top of Grand View Park

The grand view

More of the grand view

Purple flowers dotted this park

I have often wondered wonder why some branches of a tree are apparently very dead, other branches are alive and well. Yet, both dead and live branches trace to the same larger branch.

Searching online, you’ll find explanations such as, maybe that side of the tree is front facing to a harsh winter, or the tree was injured, or disease killed one side. Here, in southern California, there is no harsh winter. I guess, injury and disease are certainly possible.

Maybe the reason is simply unknown. Something interesting I discovered, when clearing the yard. I happened to cut through some of the branches that supported both dead and live branches downstream.

Half of those branch’s core appears dry and dead. Only those branches supplied by the living half, are getting water and nutrients ?

During my cat-sitting adventure this first half of the summer, I’m staying in the Inner Richmond. Park Presidio Boulevard runs through this area and happens to be where I get off the bus every day. On my first day, I noticed that this was not just your typical road! In fact, I noticed that it was essentially a giant road-length park that separated Park Presideo Bouldvard from 14th Avenue. This got my super excited because one of my favorite things in the entire world is urban parks! This park (while long and skinny) has a surprising amount of trees and is actually quite thick when it comes to greenery. A single path runs through it most likely initiated created by the lay urban hiker (walker). I just loved having the chance to explore this random park so close to where I’m staying!

A road park photo adventure: