I recently decided to finally re-start exploring the city that I live in since that idea had dropped to the wayside during the extremely busy school year. I’ve been trying to explore some small shops in various neighborhoods that I happen to be visiting for some reason to another. Recently, I was in the Nob Hill area looking for a particular bake shop. It so happened that I cam by too late and they were already sold out for the day! It’s a good thing that then I ran into Batter Bakery. There, I was able to get my sugar fix no problem! They sell all kinds of baked goods (both sweet and savory) as well as coffee drinks. After much debate, I decided on a Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookie, which totaled $3.78 after tax. Thinking about that price, it appears to be a lot, but then I think about where I live and the price of everything else and decide it’s actually pretty reasonable. Plus, the cookie was huge!


Counter for ordering


Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookie – $3.78 after tax

{sf} la fina’s peruvian

February 10, 2018

Peruvian food is pretty popular right now in San Francisco. There seem to be Peruvian restaurants popping up all the time. For me, that’s great since I certainly enjoyed Peruvian food while I was visiting Peru (a decade ago … I really need to plan another trip there!). While my friend from college was in town, we decided to grab some lunch at one of these Peruvian wonders. When we first got there, we were actually debating if we should walk in since there didn’t appear to be anyone inside. I’m glad we decided to though because the food turned out to be great and multiple groups walked in soon after us.

Despite all the many options on the menu, it was pretty funny that in the end we all ended up having essentially the same dish with a different protein: traditional lomo (beef), pescado (fish), and mariscos (seafood). Yum!


Bread and sauces

Sangria – cheers!

Pescado Saltado

Lomo Saltado

Mariscos Saltados

Do you love fried chicken? I do! So when I found out that there was a place that served up a particularly delicious fried chicken sandwich, I just knew I had to make it over to the Lower Nob Hill neighborhood to give the sandwich a try.

Rove Kitchen‘s chef and owner are the same person. And like many chef/owner/same person places, their menu changes regularly so there isn’t actually a perfectly set menu. You never really know what you might get a chance to try when you’re there. I’m guessing, though, that the fried chicken sandwich is almost always on the menu though because that’s what’s made them famous! The thing was so dripping with flavor I couldn’t even pick it up to bite into and ended up eating my sandwich with a knife and fork. Nevertheless, it was totally worth it!


Fancy salad

Grilled Cheese

Fried Chicken Sandwich