A couple months ago, a friend and I were in New York City and were craving Asian food. We decided to try this noodle place called Tasty hand-pulled Noodles Inc – not the most creative name, pretty much sums up what they are known for. They offer both dry and soup noodles. We shared one noodle dish – the dry duck pulled noodles. I love hand-pulled noodles because the texture of the noodles is different than your ordinary boxed noodles and much more chewy! The noodle texture and flavor was good! Unfortunately, they were too greasy for our liking. I know Chinese food can be greasy, but I had higher expectations for this please. I would definitely go again and perhaps try the soup noodles – maybe those would be less greasy.

Not a very original name

Way-too-greasy duck noodles

Still not much happening in New Haven, so decided to talk about a brunch place I went to in NYC awhile back. This place is very well known and always has a longggg wait for a weekend brunch. It has nearly 3500 reviews on yelp! Their pancakes are a very popular item – we tried the blueberry pancakes and were very pleased with our decision! They had the perfect amount of fluffiness and flavor. We also tried the chicken and waffles, which were also delicious but not as memorable. I would definitely come here again despite the long wait!

The best pancakes!!

Chicken and waffles

{nyc} the press lounge

February 8, 2017


Not much happening in New Haven lately, so thought I would talk about a place I went to in NYC. NYC is full of popular (and expensive) rooftop bars with awesome views! I found myself at one of these swanky rooftop bars with a view of the city and Hudson river (into Jersey). The views were spectacular! I was there right when the sun was setting too so the views were that much more awesome. The lounge space is very cute, with both inside and outside spaces to relax. The drinks were very expensive of course as expected for the city, about $15 dollars a drink. The view is totally worth it though! I would definitely come again despite the overpriced liquor.

View of the city

View across the Hudson River

Over $30 worth of drinks!!


The Christmas tree at the Rockefeller center is probably the most famous tree in the city. I have seen it before during the day time and after the holiday season, however this year I wanted to see it at night!! It is quite grand and sooo pretty. The only thing is that it is incredibly crowded basically just wiggling your way through a sea of people to get a few pictures. It was definitely worth it though, and I would do it again next year (even again this year if I have the time)!! Take a look!





A few weeks ago I had a friend visiting New York City and I wanted to find well-rated places around where I lived that we could go for dinner. I found Hi-Collar and when I saw omurice on the menu, I was sold. Omurice is basically an omelet with tomato sauce rice and I remember that my mother used to make her own version of it when we was young. Unfortunately, Hi-Collar turns into a sake bar at night and doesn’t serve their signature food and coffee in the evening. So, the next day we decided to go for lunch!

The place had a little bit of a wait time because the whole restaurant is a bar with around 12 seats. Hi-Collar is known for their coffee which is made right in front of you at the counter. The whole place is so, so cute and you really feel like you’ve taken a trip back into vintage Japan.


I had read about their “gold-encrusted” bathroom online and I knew that I had to see it. The entire bathroom’s walls are made with tiny little golden bars and they even have one of those advanced  Japanese toilets, the ToTo Washlet, that rinse your butt for you! I loved the bathroom; I thought it was the cutest thing.


Now on to the food, my friend and I both ordered the Omurice. It was delicious. The omelet was incredibly fluffy and the bacon in the tomato rice was the perfect touch. I would highly recommend this dish. Although I am not a huge coffee fan, I knew I had to try it. I ordered the Cold Brew “Mizudashi” Iced Coffee while my friend ordered the Siphon. I didn’t enjoy mine, but that’s only because I have a hard time enjoying coffee. I guess it went down very smooth and the copper mug kept it very cold. My friend tried it and said it was incredible coffee, so I trust her on that one. She also really enjoyed her siphon. Overall, a great experience.