{belize} san pedro sights

October 7, 2017

After visiting the smaller and less developed Caye Caulker, we made our way over to Ambergris Caye via ferry. Ambergris Caye’s capital is San Pedro, which Madonna sang about. We arrived late in the evening and then spent the next couple of days exploring this fancy town. Compared to Caye Caulker, I was completely surprised by all the the vehicles on the island. This is completely necessary in San Pedro though because Ambergris Caye is so much bigger than Caye Caulker.

Some of the sights we saw were the ultra fancy resorts along the coast, the local artisan market, which was pretty empty since it was low season, and the rays just swimming around all over the place!

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A San Pedro, Belize photo adventure:


{belize} caye caulker waters

September 30, 2017

Upon leaving Belize City for the second time, we took a water ferry to the cayes. Our first stop is the less popular Caye Caulker. I say it’s less popular because it’s not the famous “La Isla Bonita” sung about by Madonna. It’s still quite popular though and many in fact prefer is the its larger sibling “La Isla Bonita”, locally named Ambergris Caye. Of course, the most wonderful thing about being on a caye is that there’s water everywhere and it’s incredibly relieving just to take it all in and relax, especially since there are no motorized vehicles on Caye Caulker except for golf carts and really you rarely need one of those.

While on Caye Caulker, I learned that a caye is different from an island because it’s a natural island on top of a coral reef. Crazy! That’s also why the water was so clear in these pristine waters. Caye Caulker is unique is that it’s technically split into two sections (the split being called “The Split”. We actually swam across (quite difficult considering the current) and explored some of the northern side, which does have some fancy resorts being built, but otherwise very desolate and covered with mangroves.

Ahhh … just looking back at these pictures makes me sigh, reminiscing about those beautiful Caye Caulker waters!

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A Caye Caulker, Belize photo adventure:

School stars again on Monday. School … as in I’m a teacher, not a student. Actually, let me rephrase. I, as a teacher, have already been working for a week, but students start class again on Monday. I don’t really consider teacher prep days as “work” because I love planning and scheduling and setting up my classroom. The trouble comes when all the students get there!

As a last hurrah before summer ended though, I got the chance to go down to Santa Cruz and visit Seabright Beach. In fact I haven’t spent that much time in Santa Cruz before so it was a nice to get away (even if not that far away from San Francisco), spend some time on the beach when it wasn’t too hot nor windy, walk barefoot over to the lighthouse, and just relax. School is here again!

Santa Cruz’s Seabright Beach

The lighthouse

Summer’s last hurrah!

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