The other day, my school’s art teacher wasn’t in so we had a substitute art teacher. The regular art teacher loves my class though so she actually invited a special guest from the District’s visual art department to teach my class art. This teacher is really something special. She bought all kinds of fruits and taught the students to watercolor them. I was entirely blown away by how detailed some of the fruits came out looking. I really thought they were going to just draw circles (for apples and oranges) and triangles (for strawberries)!

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3


I think my art teacher just invented the cutest art project ever! She takes card stock that the students first do texture painting on. Then she cuts them up into smaller pieces and gives them to the students to create monsters by either cutting or ripping the paper. I’ve never seen monsters as cute as the ones my students made. They are the most creative students ever! I just love them!

A monsters-are-us photo adventure:

My final day in Paris was like a very full dream. First I started off in Montmartre. This neighborhood is actually quite like parts of San Francisco because it’s one giant hill that used to be home to all the artists including Vincent Van Gough. Of course while in the Montmartre neighborhood I rode the mini train up to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, which is free to visit unless you want a more extensive tour, which I did not do. This area is also home to the infamous Moulin Rouge and its fancy windmills, which for sure you also have to breeze by. After taking some pictures of these windmills, I made my way over the Rodin Museum. The only super disappointing thing about the Rodin Museum is that The Thinker was under renovation so it was pretty much completely covered up! Everything else was beautiful though, despite the rain.

My second to last stop of the day was Musée d’Orsay, which (like the Louvre) has such an extensive collection of art that it’s nearly impossible to see everything. I did try though (it helped that some of it was closed off due to renovation, too). My absolute favorites were the Monets, the Salvador Dalí pieces, and museum’s extensive Vincent Van Gough collection. What a great visit and totally worth it especially right before heading back to the Eiffel Tower for a view of this beautiful architectural masterpiece at night!

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A French Parisian voyage photo adventure:


Our last art project of the calendar year was another painting project. This time we painted evergreen trees. Of course in schools you just have to call the project an evergreen in the snow project because what if a kid doesn’t celebrate Christmas?!? It’s a huge deal. Anyway, the students loved pushing the paint around to create stacked triangles. The white paint for the snowflakes was for sure their favorite part of the painting project though because almost all of my students love mixing paint to create pastels!

Hard at work

Stacked triangles make an evergreen tree

Our evergreens!


This post is a little late. Things have been super crazy at school as of late (this past week) and I realized that I hadn’t been taking a lot of pictures. I usually try and take a fair amount of pictures because I always make an end-of-the-year video for our end-of-the-year celebration. I did scroll through my pictures and see a few from our most recent art class though. I realize I talk about art class a lot here, but my students really do love this class and I wish we could have it every week! This past week they were given oil pastels and stencils to rub. Then the art teacher gave them watercolors to paint over their oil pastel stenciled designs. The result was pretty awesome and, of course, my students are always very creative!