I’ve been to Oregano’s before. I even once brought my parents and sister there when they were in town visiting. I know I’m not the only one who thinks Oregano’s is pretty special considering the ridiculous wait time no matter what time of day you show up. I don’t mind the wait too much though because I know I’m always about to be served up plates of deliciousness!

When I went the other day with some friends, there were a lot of dishes ordered and I didn’t get pictures of everything. But, at least you get a sampling of some of Oregano’s freshly-made offerings including their Toasted Raviolis that are actually filled with jalapeño cheese to give them an extra kick. My side of the table also ordered the Clark Street Meat Pizza, which is sprinkled with chili flakes. Of course, we ended the delicious dinner and everyone made sure to save room for the one and only Pizza Cookie. We ordered the original flavor – chocolate chip – but I’m guessing the peanut butter chocolate chip and macadamia nut ones are pretty delicious, too!

Toasted Ravioli Español

Clark Street Meat Pizza

The Original Pizza Cookie (chocolate chip)

{phx} pizza in pizza heaven

December 29, 2014

Pizza Heaven Bistro is a locally owned family restaurant that boasts uniquely homemade Italian comfort food since 1982. What’s awesome though is that they have a full vegan menu as well as many gluten free options. Recently, my friends and I stepped into this little bit of heaven and tried a few of their heavenly offerings. Here was our meal:

Appetizer » Italian Meatballs (2) » $3.95
These Italian Meatballs were giant! They were also slathered with a deliciously chunky tomato sauce. Since they were so big, we had no problem each taking a few bites and sharing.

2nd appetizer » 10 wings with BBQ sauce » $6.75
We decided on the fried, instead of baked, wings. We also chose the BBQ sauce, one of many sauce options. The BBQ sauce was just tart enough and covered the fried wings thickly.

Main course » Agave BBQ Chicken Pizza (medium) » $14.50
With a 12″ diameter, we felt like this pizza was just the right size for our party of three. I loved the pairing of the tender chicken with Agave BBQ sauce, red onions, and two types of cheese.

Dessert » Angel Bites » $4.95
These puffs of fresh dough fried in soy oil are topped with powder sugar and cinnamon. They also come with a choice of dipping sauces: chocolate, caramel, or agave. We chose chocolate. These Angel Bites really must be food for angels they were so mouth watering!


Italian wall decor

Italian Meatballs


Agave BBQ Chicken Pizza

Angel Bites

{anchorage} alaskan pizza!

November 26, 2014


I had a chance to take my first adult paid-time-off vacation and fly up to Alaska to first visit a friend in Juneau and then up to Anchorage for a few days of snowy fun! A few days before I left for my trip, I saw this list of the best pizza in every US state. I figured I wouldn’t be going back to Alaska very many times, so I knew I needed to visit Moose’s Tooth pizza while in Anchorage! My friends and I got this pizza to go, then took it back to our rented AirBnB and watched our school football game. A perfect night (except that our team lost…)!


The Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria sign!


All kinds of Moose’s Tooth-branded souvenirs we could have purchased! I guess it’s a real tourist attraction!


Our pizza – we opted for the “Garlic Lover’s” – Blackened Chicken, Bacon, Broccoli, Roasted Garlic, Roma Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, Garlic Alfredo Sauce – YUM!!

Come back next time to see some of the gorgeous Alaskan landscapes and sights I was able to experience in my week there!


I have been to this delicious, but unassuming pizza place before, but I never realized how close it was to Downtown San Diego and literally in my sisters’ neighborhood! My three sisters and I visited here for lunch after spending a relaxing morning at the beach. Since there were so many of us and even more varieties of pizza, we got to taste a total of 8 pizza slices! We each ordered one slice first then went back and each got a second slice since the pizza was so delicious and we were all so hungry after the beach!

Bronx Pizza is one of my absolute favorite pizza places because the pizzas are thin, but large; the toppings are fresh; each slice only cost $2.50; and the place is so busy that the pizzas are always being freshly made. They also always ask you if you want your slice heated and if you do, they take your slice and stick it back in the oven for a minute so your pizza is delicious and piping hot. Yum!

A teletransporting photo adventure:









I always enjoy my trips back to the San Francisco Bay, as I am able to see many old friends from college, and I also love trying new food while I’m there! I took a short trip a couple months ago, and got to try Golden Boy Pizza, a staple in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco since 1978!

Golden Boy serves pizza either by the sheet or by the (rectangular) slice. Take a look!


A look at the sign out front. This place is quite popular and there is almost always a line, but thankfully it moves quite quickly!


A look at the inside! It doesn’t have much seating, but in my experiences, these types of small hole-in-the-wall restaurants often have the best food!


I forgot to get a close-up because I was too excited to eat, but look at the array of pizza in the store-front window! The flavors don’t change from day to day, and they only offer cheese, pepperoni, sausage, combo, pesto and the very unique clam/garlic!

Definitely give this place a whirl next time you find yourself in The City by the Bay!



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