Recently I went on a food tour with Bite San Diego, the North Park one. We were able to take in interesting North Park sites as well as sample some of the best the neighborhood has to offer. Not only is North Park the oldest neighborhood in San Diego, it used to be a wilting lemon grove and is home to the oldest operating Chinese laundromat in the city. It’s also home to many a historic bungalow, which makes the architecture in the area unique.

Stop 1 was Splash Wine Lounge & Bistro.
Stop 2 was Crazee Burger.

Stop 3 was Berkeley Pizza, that serves up Chicago style deep dish pizza with a San Diego twist. We actually got a chance to try the delicious Pesto Garlic Pizza and the Spinach & Mushroom Pizza. The first was quite garlicky and so thick that by the time the latter piece came out, we were already stuffed, which it was all so good to eat! And what large bites!


Locally-created walls

Pesto Garlic Pizza

Spinach & Mushroom Pizza

While visiting UNION Biltmore: Shops and Restaurants on a recent stay-cation, we decided to grab dinner at Forge Handcrafted Pizza, a member of the UNION. Phoenix is Forge’s third location, the first of which is outside of California. It was super interesting to sit by Forge’s huge pizza oven and watch the chefs put the pizzas in the oven, move them around, and take them our super quickly. I guess the oven must be super hot!

Some of the things we ordered were the Crispy Cheese Curds, that were super crispy and airy. It was almost as though there was barely any cheese inside, but I think that was a good thing because they were so airy! We also ordered the Roasted Corn Pizza, which I really wanted to order because corn on pizza always reminds me of Ecuador. Yum!

Free openers from a small brewery

UNION ambiance

Crispy Cheese Curds

Roasted Corn Pizza

One of the places my sister really wanted to try while in Denver was Osteria Marco because it was on some list of best pizza places to try in the country that she had read at one point or another. Since she travels quite a bit for work, she tries to hit as many as possible during her travels. Walking past Osteria Marco, you would think that the place is absolutely tiny because only a counter and a few chairs are visible from the outside. What you don’t realize until you walk in though is that the dining room and kitchen are actually in the basement and the place is massive. Since they didn’t have any more tables available, we decided to eat at the bar.

First we decided on some of their signature cocktails. We figured since this was going to be one of most expensive meals while in Denver anyway, we might as well. The Mora Agave and Deconstructed Grapefruit cocktails were both so delicious! Then we decided on an Arancini appetizer. We had never heard of Arancini before but were super pleased with the Butternut Squash Risotto, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, and House Made Ricotta. Then we decided on the Fig Pizza, which sounded strange, but tasted super delicious. I thought the opposing flavors of the sweet figs, sour arugula, and salty speck (cured meat similar to Prosciutto) went together perfectly. What a delicious meal!


Mora Agave (left) and Deconstructed Grapefruit

denver-osteriomarco3Arancini: Butternut Squash Risotto, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, House Made Ricotta

Fig Pizza: Speck, Goat Cheese, Fontina, Black Mission Figs, Arugula

I’ve been to Oregano’s before. I even once brought my parents and sister there when they were in town visiting. I know I’m not the only one who thinks Oregano’s is pretty special considering the ridiculous wait time no matter what time of day you show up. I don’t mind the wait too much though because I know I’m always about to be served up plates of deliciousness!

When I went the other day with some friends, there were a lot of dishes ordered and I didn’t get pictures of everything. But, at least you get a sampling of some of Oregano’s freshly-made offerings including their Toasted Raviolis that are actually filled with jalapeño cheese to give them an extra kick. My side of the table also ordered the Clark Street Meat Pizza, which is sprinkled with chili flakes. Of course, we ended the delicious dinner and everyone made sure to save room for the one and only Pizza Cookie. We ordered the original flavor – chocolate chip – but I’m guessing the peanut butter chocolate chip and macadamia nut ones are pretty delicious, too!

Toasted Ravioli Español

Clark Street Meat Pizza

The Original Pizza Cookie (chocolate chip)

{phx} pizza in pizza heaven

December 29, 2014

Pizza Heaven Bistro is a locally owned family restaurant that boasts uniquely homemade Italian comfort food since 1982. What’s awesome though is that they have a full vegan menu as well as many gluten free options. Recently, my friends and I stepped into this little bit of heaven and tried a few of their heavenly offerings. Here was our meal:

Appetizer » Italian Meatballs (2) » $3.95
These Italian Meatballs were giant! They were also slathered with a deliciously chunky tomato sauce. Since they were so big, we had no problem each taking a few bites and sharing.

2nd appetizer » 10 wings with BBQ sauce » $6.75
We decided on the fried, instead of baked, wings. We also chose the BBQ sauce, one of many sauce options. The BBQ sauce was just tart enough and covered the fried wings thickly.

Main course » Agave BBQ Chicken Pizza (medium) » $14.50
With a 12″ diameter, we felt like this pizza was just the right size for our party of three. I loved the pairing of the tender chicken with Agave BBQ sauce, red onions, and two types of cheese.

Dessert » Angel Bites » $4.95
These puffs of fresh dough fried in soy oil are topped with powder sugar and cinnamon. They also come with a choice of dipping sauces: chocolate, caramel, or agave. We chose chocolate. These Angel Bites really must be food for angels they were so mouth watering!


Italian wall decor

Italian Meatballs


Agave BBQ Chicken Pizza

Angel Bites