Did you know there was such thing as clam pizza? I mean, I’ve had plenty of interesting things on pizza like anchovies and pineapple and corn … even lobster, but clam? Anyway, it turns out that New Haven, Connecticut is actually quite a pizza haven. There are tons of extremely famous pizza places here that top the lists of best pizza in the country! One of them is Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. There’s a line here so long every single night, but it’s well-worth the wait even in the bitter cold! They happen to be known for their white pizza that’s topped with tons and tons of clams. I was a bit skeptical at first and so impressed with it! We got a half white clam pizza and had the other half topped with another one of their specials: spinach, mushroom, and Gorgonzola. In fact, it turned out that I couldn’t even really decide which half I liked more! Yum-alicious!



Half White Clam and Half Spinach, Mushroom, & Gorgonzola Pizza


{sf} paxti’s pizza

September 9, 2017

There’s often a debate in San Francisco about which pizza is the best in the City. Some say it’s Little Star Pizza, which happens to be in my neighborhood and I’ve had it multiple times so I’m not sure why I haven’t blogged about it. Others say that it’s Patxi’s Pizza, which specializes in deep dish Chicago-style pizza (but they also have thin crust options). Some years, my school actually does a fundraiser at Patxi’s, but I never visited until a few weeks ago when I happened to be in Hayes Valley. I opted for the thin crust option because firstly I wasn’t that hungry and secondly I didn’t want to wait over half an hour for a deep dish pizza. In the end, while the pizza was quite delicious (the toppings combo in particular), I thought the crust was a bit too over done and hard even when paired with their signature honey!


Bianco Verde (Thin)

Of course my sister and my food/drink adventures did not end at Virgil’s Sea Room. We then decided to go get some pizza and/or Indian food. Confused? It’s confusing. Also located on the edge of the Mission and Bernal Heights, there’s this interesting walk-in restaurant called Zante Pizza that serves Indian food, regular pizza, and Indian Pizza. Yes, I’m serious. They boast that their Indian Pizza has a naan-like crust as well as Indian toppings. We ordered “The Best Indian Pizza” with meat (lamb, chicken, and prawns). Clearly the lamb, chicken, and prawns were a bit lacking, but overall the flavor of this inspired pizza was quite food. If only the crust were even more naan-like though!


Pizza and/or Indian?!?

The Best Indian Pizza

Recently I went on a food tour with Bite San Diego, the North Park one. We were able to take in interesting North Park sites as well as sample some of the best the neighborhood has to offer. Not only is North Park the oldest neighborhood in San Diego, it used to be a wilting lemon grove and is home to the oldest operating Chinese laundromat in the city. It’s also home to many a historic bungalow, which makes the architecture in the area unique.

Stop 1 was Splash Wine Lounge & Bistro.
Stop 2 was Crazee Burger.

Stop 3 was Berkeley Pizza, that serves up Chicago style deep dish pizza with a San Diego twist. We actually got a chance to try the delicious Pesto Garlic Pizza and the Spinach & Mushroom Pizza. The first was quite garlicky and so thick that by the time the latter piece came out, we were already stuffed, which it was all so good to eat! And what large bites!


Locally-created walls

Pesto Garlic Pizza

Spinach & Mushroom Pizza

While visiting UNION Biltmore: Shops and Restaurants on a recent stay-cation, we decided to grab dinner at Forge Handcrafted Pizza, a member of the UNION. Phoenix is Forge’s third location, the first of which is outside of California. It was super interesting to sit by Forge’s huge pizza oven and watch the chefs put the pizzas in the oven, move them around, and take them our super quickly. I guess the oven must be super hot!

Some of the things we ordered were the Crispy Cheese Curds, that were super crispy and airy. It was almost as though there was barely any cheese inside, but I think that was a good thing because they were so airy! We also ordered the Roasted Corn Pizza, which I really wanted to order because corn on pizza always reminds me of Ecuador. Yum!

Free openers from a small brewery

UNION ambiance

Crispy Cheese Curds

Roasted Corn Pizza