Last Friday, my school’s art teacher was absent. She called for a sub who came in, but then that sub got put into a classroom because other teachers were absent too, and they didn’t have subs who showed. What a disaster, you think? This is like a daily thing at my school.

Anyway, instead of cancelling art, I decided to go for it on my own. My students really love watercolors and have gotten pretty good and the whole water/paint ratio so I gave them some watercolors exploration time. I didn’t give them any direction on what to paint and they actually came up with some neat stuff themselves including landscapes of rivers and trees, self portraits, and fun shapes. Take a look a some of our little brains at work!

A watercolors photo adventure:


Right before Thanksgiving break, we read a funny book in class called Run, Turkey, Run by Diane Mayr. Then we discussed Thanksgiving and all the different types of foods that the students might encounter during that holiday (if their families celebrate it). Next we used that information to make our own plates of Thanksgiving food. This activity was differentiated so that the younger students colored in pictures, cut them out, and glued them onto a plate. The older students had to used construction paper to make their own foods. I think they turned out pretty good!

Our feast!

[room 209m] garden faces

November 16, 2017

My class has been going to our school garden every week and working with our garden teacher. She’s really great and I love how she works with my students by not only teaching them about plants, but incorporating life lessons like how to water plants and how to dig appropriately. The other week, she had them working in groups. 1-Watering plants. 2-Digging for worms. 3-Using parts of plants and rocks from around the garden to create their own faces. The kids just loved it! Of course they all just thought they were making happy faces instead of their own, but still, they were just the cutest!

Working hard


Lots of hair!

More happy faces!

[room 209m] self portraits

November 9, 2017

During art, my students worked on self portraits. First they used pencil to draw themselves. Then they went over the pencil with permanent marker. Last they used watercolors to paint and add color. I love the effect of the watercolor over permanent marker. More than that though, I love seeing how each student sees themselves. It’s so neat to see how they draw themselves in these self portraits. Here’s a look at just a few!

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

Student 4

Student 5

[room 209m] whoever you are

November 2, 2017

As a close out to Latino Heritage Month, we read the book Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. I love this Reading Rainbow book that shares with even very young readers the idea that even though we are all different, there are parts of all of us that are the same. We may have different schools, languages, houses, and families, but our laughs, joys, pains, and tears are the same. These were ideas that even my youngest students were able to understand. In the book, they show lots of different kids from around the world so we decided to make our own world with all the students in the class surrounding it because even though each of us are different, there are many things about us that are the same as well. The students just loved drawing themselves and seeing themselves connected with one another.

Whoever WE Are