[room 209m] speech trees

October 5, 2017

It recently turned from summer to autumn. The speech pathologist at my school and I teamed up on a lesson to teach the students about the activities people do during the summer versus what people do during the fall. It was differentiated so that the students with higher language and functioning wrote their answers on leaves that we hung up on corresponding trees for each of the two seasons. The younger students with lower language abilities used picture icons to decide what they like to do during the fall. It was a fun activity that we got to hang up outside our classroom on the bulletin board for our friends around the school to see. Plus, I love decorating my bulletin board outside my classroom … when I have the time for it!

Bulletin Board outside the classroom


[room 209m] writing stories

September 14, 2017

One of my absolute favorite subjects to teach is writing. I just love seeing the progress that students are able to make from when they start by just tracing their name to writing all kinds of stories, opinion pieces, and informational text. Currently, most of my class is working on writing narratives. I teach them to use temporal words to write their stories: first, then, next, last. As they improve their writing, they move on to six temporal words: first, second, then, next, finally, last. It’s fun to read their stories and I feel like writing is such just an area that all my students are very clearly making progress. Their stories are the best and always so different even if they’re working off the same prompts, which reminds me … I should share some of their stories next time!

Anchor charts

For once, I did not have to switch classroom. Of course this is my third set of administrators at the same school so plenty has changed, but nonetheless, staying in the same room is always a blessing. The best thing about this classroom now though is that now, I get a new board. A new whiteboard, you’re thinking? Oh, no, no, no. In Phoenix, I used to have a SmartBoard. Now, I have a Promethean Board. I feel extremely lucky because only a few classroom at my school have these boards and mine is the only new ones. The others are quite old, but the worst thing is that the teachers don’t even use them! I, on the other hand, plan to use this board everyday! The rest of the classroom is very similar to last year … blue tape heaven.

Room panoramic

Promethean Board!

Blue tape heaven

May is Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month. At my school, we have three huge celebrations throughout the school year: Latino, African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander. Our last big one in May is Asian/Pacific Islander. Our theme this year was Out of the Margins, Into the Light, which I thought was very appropriate considering the current social climate in our country. My students did so much to prepare for this celebration/presentation in a short amount of time. We read four books and learning about character, setting, and sequencing of events. We watched various videos about cultural customs in a number of different countries. Then we put it all together in a video to show the school. I can’t show you the video here online, but you can see a small glimpse of what we did below!

Wall display of some of our work

Just the cutest class picture ever!

I feel like in San Francisco, the San Francisco Zoo is the place that everyone goes on their field trips no matter what age the students are. Of course this means my class visited again. The best part was that since it was extremely cloudy and in fact kind of drizzly, we weren’t overheated at all. I feel like that’s the biggest problem with the zoo – it’s always super hot even if the temperature isn’t that high because the sun just beams down on you for hours and hours as you walk and walk endlessly. Thank goodness for the drizzles!

This year was especially fun because I have a number of students who just love animals so much. The big cats were the biggest draw and they’ve been looking forward to the big cats since they learned we were going to the zoo. Once we got there, the male lion was growling at one of the tigers in a neighboring exhibit. That was extremely fun to watch and listen to!

A zoo-rrific photo adventure: