May is Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month. At my school, we have three huge celebrations throughout the school year: Latino, African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander. Our last big one in May is Asian/Pacific Islander. Our theme this year was Out of the Margins, Into the Light, which I thought was very appropriate considering the current social climate in our country. My students did so much to prepare for this celebration/presentation in a short amount of time. We read four books and learning about character, setting, and sequencing of events. We watched various videos about cultural customs in a number of different countries. Then we put it all together in a video to show the school. I can’t show you the video here online, but you can see a small glimpse of what we did below!

Wall display of some of our work

Just the cutest class picture ever!

Happy Mother’s Day!

In school, my class read Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney to get ready for Mother’s Day. In this book, little Llama Llama is sad that he has to go to school and be away from his mom. Of course in the end he realizes that his mom is going to come back for him. Often times this book is read in the beginning of the school year to talk about going to school, blah, blah, blah. But instead, we used this book to talk about how we love our mom and how it’s Mother’s Day today. Then we wrote our moms letters and drew pictures of ourselves with our moms. I think the little projects turned out pretty good, but the question is, do these Mother’s Day projects ever get to their moms? Now, that is for sure a mystery!

I feel like in San Francisco, the San Francisco Zoo is the place that everyone goes on their field trips no matter what age the students are. Of course this means my class visited again. The best part was that since it was extremely cloudy and in fact kind of drizzly, we weren’t overheated at all. I feel like that’s the biggest problem with the zoo – it’s always super hot even if the temperature isn’t that high because the sun just beams down on you for hours and hours as you walk and walk endlessly. Thank goodness for the drizzles!

This year was especially fun because I have a number of students who just love animals so much. The big cats were the biggest draw and they’ve been looking forward to the big cats since they learned we were going to the zoo. Once we got there, the male lion was growling at one of the tigers in a neighboring exhibit. That was extremely fun to watch and listen to!

A zoo-rrific photo adventure:

It’s almost Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month at our school, which means we’re gearing up for our big celebration in May. For one of our mini project, I showed my students a video of one of the big lantern festivals in Taiwan that happen every year. Then we made mini lanterns on card stock paper that they decorated then cut out. The only bad thing about this project is that since no kindergartner or first grader can be trusted with brass tacks or tying real knots, I ended up tying a billion knots and fitting brass tacks through a million holes. It was all worth it though because their lanterns turned out so cute!

Working hard on the lanterns

Our mini lanterns!

My sister is a fashion design student at Parsons. For one of her current projects, she wanted to take inspiration from children so she Skyped into my class and asked my students to do some drawings for her. She asked them three things and here are some of their best work. I thought they turned out so awesome!

1. How do you feel?

2. Draw a creature that you want to spend time with (a monster friend).

3. Draw a creature that you are scared of (a scary monster).