Big Basin State Park has been on my list of places to go camping and hiking for about a year now. I finally got a chance to go on a quick weekend trip there and was super excited. As you know, it’s been raining like a mother in California for many months now, which means the streams, rivers, and waterfalls have been engorged. This meant the waterfalls along the Lower Berry Creek Falls Trail (the 10-mile hike I was looking forward to) was going to be amazing. Alas, also due to rain and storm winds, the trail was closed! I was so disappointed! I did end up finding some other trails that were open so I did end up seeing at least one waterfall: Sempervirens Falls. Even still, hanging out under Coastral Redwood trees is always pretty enjoyable anyway.

A redwood photo adventure:

Recently, I went on a beautiful waterfall hike in Mount Tamalpais Watershed, which I know is not in San Francisco, but I mean, who knows where the actual town of Bolinas is? I’m guessing not that many people. In any case, because the Bay Area has experienced so much rainfall this winter, many of the most popular waterfall trails actually have beautiful waterfalls this spring. One of these waterfalls in Carson Falls. While not a significant hike in terms of length (nor is it that strenuous really), the trek out to Mount Tamalpais Watershed is worth it because the first part of the trail might just be along fire roads, but once you reach the wooded section, it’s looks and smells beautiful. You hear the water well before you reach the falls themselves and actually you end up near the top and then can continue along the trail to see the different levels or layers or pools that all come together to create Carson Falls. So beautiful! Be sure to also keep your eyes out for Yellow-Legged Frogs that are only found in two places in the entire world, one of which is around Carson Falls!

A layered photo adventure:

Over Winter break, I decided to take a quick trip to Seattle to visit my friend who goes to school there. I had never really explored Seattle before and wasn’t sure whether or not I would like it. She brought me to many of the tourist destinations like the Public Market and the Seattle Troll, but my favorite part of the trip was when she drove us 30 minutes outside Seattle to Snoqualmie, Washington.

We visited Snoqualmie Falls which included a short hike through an incredibly green experience. The two places that I live between, San Diego and New York City, don’t offer much nature, so I loved being surrounded by so much greenery.

The trees were covered by this incredible moss that I was completely mesmerized by. It looked so, so cool in person. We got down to the falls and I got some pretty nice shots of the water. My friend said that the area is 100% prettier in the Spring and Fall because it doesn’t look as dead, but I happened to think it was wonderful even though it was Winter.

I really enjoyed my trip to Seattle and I’m hoping to return soon!

{iceland} ring road day 8

February 27, 2017

Our eighth day in Iceland was spent doing some of the more touristy Icelandic things that people do if they only have time in fly into Reykjavík and see a few surrounding attractions. These attractions are together called the Golden Circle so we spent the day driving and enjoying the Golden Circle. This included Thingvellir National Park Mid-Atlantic rift valley, Gullfoss waterfall and the Strokkur and Geysir Hot Spring Area. And while not officially on the list, we ended with the Kerid Crater in Selfoss, a volcanic crater lake. What a great way to end the nature-only portion of our trip and reintegrate ourselves into civilization! It was almost strange to see so many people at all these attractions, including high school students taking senior photos since we hadn’t been near this many people at the same time for an entire week!

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The eighth Icelandic photo adventure:








{iceland} ring road day 5

February 20, 2017

While very beautiful, there aren’t all that many major stops between Egilsstadir in Eastern Iceland and Akureyri, Iceland’s northern capital. The biggest attraction in the area of the Myvatn area, a giant and shallow eutrophic lake situated in an area of active volcanism. Also nearby is the Krafla volcano. Most of our day spent not driving was spent in these two attraction areas. The most beautiful was the Víti Crater in Krafla, which may not have been that beautiful to climb up, but the top of the crater looking down into a lake that had formed was breathtaking. The Hverir Geothermal area (also in Krafla) didn’t seem like Krafla or any Earthly location at all. In fact, I could have sworn I was walking on the surface of Mars or something – the ground and all the bubbling/boiling mud was so other worldly.

The Grjtagja Cave in Myvatn was also an interesting experience. This cave is filled with naturally geothermal-heated water and people used to bathe in this cave regularly and the water temperature is said to be perfect. Too bad visitors aren’t allowed to do this anymore!

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The fifth Icelandic photo adventure: