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I heard about Alamere Falls ever since Northern California’s very wet winter and I’ve been wanting to go there. In fact, I tried going there three or four months ago but clearly everyone else had the same idea too, and the line to get into the parking lot was so long that it was just impossible! I finally got a chance to visit again a few weeks ago and it was so great! I wish I had been able to go earlier though since the falls probably would have been even heavier. In any case, it’s quite lovely that most of the hike is shaded and there are a few beautiful lakes that you pass along the way. Once you hit the shore, you have to climb down to the beach, which can be quite treacherous so going slow is the only way. It’s well worth it though because how often do you get to see a waterfall flowing straight on the beach then into the ocean?!?

A beach waterfall photo adventure:

{upstate new york} falls

August 16, 2017

In upstate New York Finger Lakes region, we visited a few falls. These were not exactly on the scale of Niagara Falls, but at least, worth one visit. Come to think of it, does Niagara Falls really need multiple visits?

Buttermilk Falls – one of the smallest we saw

Pratt Falls                                                   Chittenango Falls

Treman Park Falls

Watkin Glen Falls – multi-feature falls

Even though we were now staying in the city and didn’t have car access, my mom and I still wanted to see some of the beautiful nature that surrounds Hawaii’s capital. We decided to take the bus, which ended up being quite easy since we were staying here the major terminal Moana terminal station, up to the head of the Moana Falls trail. From there, we hiked through fairly thick jungle on a very muddy trail to Moana Falls. I was a bit disappointed with the waterfall itself just because it wasn’t that big, even if quite tall. The hike though was pretty awesome, though you definitely want grippy hiking shoes since it’s very muddy and slippery!

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A Oahu-style photo adventure:

If you climb up from the Kipahulu Visitor Center along the Papaw Trail, you’ll walk along waterfalls, pools, and bamboo groves to get to a thin bridal-veil fall. On the other hand, if you start from the Kipahulu Visitor Center and take a short hike toward the ocean, you can see the larger pools that lead straight into the Pacific! If you can’t do the Papaw Trail, this trail is still rewarding and way shorter because you still get to see the pools though they’re not as secluded in the jungle-like foliage as on the other trail. Nevertheless, it’s neat to see where these clear pools rush into the ocean and the ocean pushes back.

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A Maui-style photo adventure: